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Very Intelligent weekend in Sweden

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Once again it was time to travel to Sweden and have some first touch with new hardware. This time it was obviously SB-E chips + X79 motherboards (ASUS Rampage IV Extreme)


There was Sampsa and me from Finalnd. Henry, Öjvind and new Marcus from Sweden + Thomas Melzer from Intel and Marcus Hultin from Asus. These are the best guys around, cause they always find time to organize this event, even they are very busy with other things.


So, we have35 ES SB-E chips. 400 liters of ln2 and a lot of other hardware. All did what they liked to do there. I focused on binning chips with Henry and we went through 15 chips with no luck. Then this new Marcus took one chip from tray and started to test it. It was the best of them all, but still far far away from the best we have seen lately. So, i guess this new guy passed his first test. He have the only useful feature for overclocker --> golden hand.


I did some 3D tests with that chip and I used 2 x MARS II cards, just to make sure, that the setup is ridiculous enough. Yeah, my most limited resource is still time, not hardware like some have thought. So haters can suck my extra large..... :)


Here are some pictures and scores:







Inflection point pot can be connected to normal socket with LGA 2011, so you dont need any backplate. Just put some armaflex behind mobo and you are fine.


and scores not worth to mention:








So, the ones who will have motivation to push, do it!

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  • Crew

Those are heftly voltage CPUs Petri, we had better succes in stability with lowering Vcore then by raising it, strangely enough...


Question on your mounting. Me and PJ had issues with the Sabretooth socket and the Infliction rods... seems a different thread... so we used kingpin ones and pushed them through... you guys had any luck to run 2400mhz rams ?

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Thanks to Asus and Intel for the nice event. :)

Too bad about the bad chips .. average was about 5.0Ghz.


pretty much the only result i got after spending so much time testing CPU's:




@Leeghoofd: 1200 mem running fine. :)

(Rampage 4 Extreme)

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nice guys


shame about the CPU frequencies, these new chips are a bit of a let down for extreme OC crowd.


Are infliction rods a bit wider to be put through the back? KP rods are definitely narrow enough


Why you would need any backplate, when you can just put rods to original socket. The threads and rods are both 4mm. At least in this event there was no need to do it other way. Mobo's did not bend or anything.


Yeah, shame about CPU's, but retails should do better anyway.

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So I had a few pics too :)


Petri pouring "gangsta-style" :)



ME4ME benching 580 Matrix





OSD from OC KEY, fantastic feature on Rampage IV. That and subzero sense (probe directly to mobo), pretty neat!



I binned three cpus, one 5.44GHz, second crappy 5.15GHz and the last one, 5.3GHz.

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Know my luck, will not get a good CPU...:(


Haha Boris! We all know your luck, which have not been that bad ;)


Have fun with at least 5.8GHz SB-E. You need just one try and then we all can just hold our jaws once again.


I will try to get 1 3930K retail, so I can make up my mind with these. If it is same crap as ES samples, I will focus on something different during next spring.

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