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With ddr3 it is a problem... they are in dual or three channel. After that it is the frequency. Some one with ddr2 pc4300 can’t match a ddr2 pc8500.


Someone with an E5200 can't match an E8600 ... lower priced hardware not being capable of beating higher priced harware is not a valid argument.

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Lower is not better... end depends on many other things... Even so, 1464 it is not so diferent from 1400... In your case it is not about the MoBo, but I have a friend and with E7400@4500 and memory at 1080 had a beter result then me with E7400@4600 and memory runing at 1200 Mhz. But his MoBo is DFI... in the end I beet him :) but with some work...

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