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Massmans' Unfair Stock Air Fan Results due to lack of input on summiters data Input

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Hello ...Here is Massman with a mismatched data entry, I am only using Massmans' example to bring to light many Stock Air Fan users are faced against.


Although I'm doing well in my category, many Stock Fan users are being treated unfairly and I'm saying something about how we as a stock class are not receiving our due hardware boints, and hardware ribbons or cups.

I would like to address an unwelcoming feature in score submitters that are repetitively being abused. Being in the Stock Air Fan category I find a gross amount of falsely submitters, many of which have pictures of an item that does not reflect the use of a stock air fan. Below are a few of at least hundreds if not 10s' thousands of submitters of which users either neglect to input data correctly or most likely just skip over the "DEFAULT" cooling entry.


Here is a very common scenario, Massman using a nice liquid cooling setup...and it has being listed under Stock Air Fan Catagory although his score tops in the global rank and the 18-16 ranks also listed using a stock fan.



Out of respect for Massman I'm only using this example as the Classic data entry error example Stock Air Fan users are faced with. This data entry abuse error is due to the default pull-down list and Stock Air is on the top of that list. To help promote our website to the average community with only Air or Water setups, this data entry default should be put to an end to help with the discouragement in the reflected scores and achievements that are not forth coming due to the current cooling list pull-down.


I suggest some changes to the pull down list, start with the extreme towards the top and Stock Air being the bottom feeder on the pull-down list. Also no default entry in the box, all users need to manually choose from the pull-down list as its original use for its creation was intended.

The entry field if left "blank" should be open for discussion, do we allow a blank cooling entry be submitted, or like for the required "url" blank submitals kick back out to the user for users correct data entry?


I feel this is a long important overlooked issue that needs corrected.


This is only a short list of examples that do have proof of how the Stock Fan category is being abused.


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=77&cores=2 >user using LN2


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=117&cores=2 >user using phase changer


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=237&cores=2 >user using 3rd party air cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=317&cores=2 > user using phase changer


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=337&cores=2 user using LN2


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=417&cores=2 user using water cooling


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=497&cores=2 > user using 3rd party air cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=597&cores=2 >user usein a COrsair H50 water cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=677&cores=2 > User using subzero liquid replaceing stock cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=697&cores=2 > user using 3rd party air cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=857&cores=2 > user using 3rd party air cooler


http://hwbot.org/rankings/benchmark/3dmark_2001/rankings?start=1117&cores=2 > user using 3rd party air cooler

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While I see your basic problem about missing/false details regarding the used cooling method, I think you have to differ which component was cooled. Massman`s entry is correct - it`s the graphics card`s stock cooler and liquid nitrogen only for the CPU as seen on the setup picture. "Cooling" in the main view of the 3D categories belongs to the graphics card, not the CPU. :)

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Looks like I erred in the presentation and examples, thank you Massman in pointing out only your cpu is sub liquid cooled and the video card is in fact stock cooled. I should have picked my examples out of the cpu category, thank you.

I stand corrected, well if there is no cooling class separation and its all based on clocks and hardware, than it looks like I'm going to ditch my stock fan and get back to raising my clocks.

I will mention again out of respect for Massman I only use this as an example of how some people can make a mistake on the data entry from the stock default pull down cooling list but it appears it is only for informational usage and does not reflect in any type of charts or comparison data study sheets. Got it, time to ditch the fan, I thought I was going to sneak in and score ribbons or cups in a cooling type of category, I stand corrected, thank you in helping me stop wasting more time with a stock fan.

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