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[DRACO] - Core i7 3770K @ 6912MHz - 4min 54sec 281ms SuperPi 32m


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I've done testing with the m-power and he don´t have the same performance of asus mve or asrock OCF, but be careful because with the voltages you use the cpu will quickly stop making these clock's! :(


If you're right, these high voltages can degrade the cpu,


So I will try to use the msi gd-80 only requires 1.78 1.82 vt vt to pass 6950mhz 32m.


Video pass 6912mhz 32m


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1.72v and 6800 is insane. Really great chip you've found! :)


Yess Very good cpu :)



Yap :) great chip... with a good bbse and good tweaks you break the wr from superpi 32m :)


If I have to try BSEE, but I have not managed to find this chip ...


Slovenia same chip BDBG DJ-F?



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;204342']I have only chips PSC' date='Hynix cfr...


I fail perfonmance[/quote']


There are good psc... i have some kit´s of gskill pi 2000 cl6 9 6 24 and work very good on superpi (2600+ with 8 12 7 28)... but bbse if you gone use air cooling on mem´s it´s better! :)


How many vcore this chip use for 5g with 4/8, air cooling?

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