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G.SKILL TridentX F3-2666C10 16GTXD and 8GTXD Testing Room


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Hey Guys


Nice section here, like it

Finally i found time to test some new Samsung IC from G.SKILL, here are some screens.


some quick tests from 2666C10 16GB kit Dec2012


dsc00058xx.th.jpg dsc00062ww.th.jpg dsc00059bex.th.jpg dsc00057lg.th.jpg


Default 2666 C10 tight timing 1.65 Stock Air cooling ambient 23 degrees (HyperPi Stable)




Max 2720 with 1.65 and Stock Air Cooling




2920 C10 loose secondary and third timings Cold Air ambient 10 degrees








2780 C9 tight timings and stock air cooling ambient 23 degress





8GB 2870 C9 tight 2V for this and cold air 10 degrees




Note: Samsung is not like other ICs when colder they scale ,they stop scaling after 5/10 degrees and when they are too cold start to be very unstable, normal ambient 23 in my room and opened windows 10 degrees they scaled about 90/100MHz and very stable when they are load (HyperPi) no worries about voltages you can go over 1.95 on normal air and +2.0v when colder for benching.

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Higher freq is just show no performance there, 10 seonds slower when run 2933 loose s and t timings compare to 2666 tight s and t , nut not +2800 caz that 2860 C9 is with tight S&T , if memories can do it specially if cpu IMC is capable to run 16GB high freq memory so maybe a day can beat PSC (2% :D of CPUS?)

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  • Crew
Nice memories! :)


I have here only 2400 CL10 TridentX, one set does ~ 2750, second 2800+, I have to test them more deeply and I will also post some info :)


I can only reach 2666 on mine mate, 2800MHz boots in OS, but reboots the PC as soon as I start to stress them...


latest batch 2400C10 are great till 2600MHz; doing 10-12-12-30 1T at 1.73Vdimm, 2666MHz needs 11-12-12-30 at 1.75Vdimm...





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