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Rbuass - GeForce GTX Titan - 51720 marks 3DMark06


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Thanks all ;) .... ...

@ Benchbros - I really don't know.

Since we made the hardmod, and it needs lots of time, prefer to add 2 solid caps + tantalum cap to assure.

But never tried without the caps... that's the first test. 10 LN2 liters only.

Still need to learn about the card. we removed the Epower from other card, because there are missing Epower here... so... still more work.

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For Epower+Titan, you need special mod or as usual you just need to remove stock coil and solder Epower ?

With Epower on GPU, the FB vrm (stock) works or you must use Epower on mem too ?

I use homemade zombi on many card, but titan seems to have a lot of protection feature so it's probably not so easy...

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