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FM 3DMark Result Uploader

Christian Ney

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We are finally able to upload results without having the benchmark installed: :woot:


http://www.3dmark.com/settings/uploadresult (need to be logged in).




Works for all non-discontinued 3DMark and PCMark benchmarks (please select the right one in the dropdown)




The issue some people were having when trying to upload 03/05/06 result files from the benchmark with latest System Info or no System Info at all shouldn't happen anymore if you do it via the Result Uploader.




Feel free to report any issues/suggestions you may encounter here, I will do my best to help.



Error messages you may get:


- "Unknown error" => Result has been already uploaded

- "Result file is corrupted" => Benchmark is not supported yet

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You're PR at Futurmark now?? Hey we need that here on HWBOT bro!


Yeah... drop-in code here on the bot would be epic...


VERY awesome, seriously.


That has been considered for years. Sadly enough, because of possible copyright and legal issues we never did it.

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Didn't post about this because been just a tad busy with 3DMark and PCMark related things but I guess word spreads quickly.


If it breaks, let us know :) Currently it's somewhat experimental and error messages can be somewhat misleading (tho if you ping me with the problem ID, I can look the issue up and give more detail)

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