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[FS][Australia] BBSE, Hynix MFR, Micron D9 DDR2


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Hey all


selling a couple of kits i have here that i dont require anymore. NONE of the sticks have seen cold.






1: Team Xtreem 2666 C11 2x4GB - Single Sided Hynix MFR

excellent validation sticks, Ive personally hit 1800mhz on air with this kit, YMMV.


2: Avexir 2000 C9 2x2GB - Single Sided BBSE

had a quick test to check they are working, but unused otherwise.


3: Geil 2133 C9 3x2GB - Dual Sided BBSE

I4 ddr3 list named these as PSC, but checked my sticks and definitely BBSE.


4: G.Skill Trident 2000 C9 - 3x2GB - Dual Sided BBSE

heatspreaders removed to confirm BBSE, 0640 serial


5: Crucial 10th Anniversary D9GMH DDR2 - 2x1GB

very good rep, but untested by myself as I no longer have any DDR2 machines.


Prices are in USD for ease.


1: 120USD

2: 50USD

3: 90USD

4: 90USD

5: 30USD


Shipping is from Australia, and is roughly $20 based on kits ive sold in the past.


Thanks for looking.

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These are, if the ICs have white stripes and the sticks are single sided, most likely BCSE - I had these on a couple of 1600 7-7-7 and 2000 9-9-9 sticks - as helpful as the list often is, not all i4 memory has in list is 100% reliable, I had several kits marked there as BBSE/PSC with other ICs and on some sticks the ics were changed frequently... the bassplayer is right, bbse only exist as 1gbit ics

BTW, good to see my old anniversary are still alive and in good condition :D

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