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CPU-Z 1.65 online validation will be dropped next monday!

Christian Ney

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Yeah;and with the new one there's a 1 minute timeout in between

clicking submit.If you click sooner than a minute the validation is gone.POOF.

Are the days of having fun with CPU-Z over? :mad:

It does it with online submission and saved files alike.

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Are you talking about when going to validate them or when trying to save a validation in the OS? If you're talking about online, it's been that way as far as I can remember. I lost a 6.8GHz submission because I submitted it within a few seconds of a 6.6GHz sub. No matter how many times I submitted it after that, it always brought up the 6.6 sub.

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Aknowledge, thanks for the report.


EDIT: Tried on my end, managed to reproduce the issue.

The fix: Wait more than 10 minutes between the two online submit. 12 to be safe. You can resubmit the second one, it must work now.

But yeah it's indeed a bug, it shouldn't say invalid ID but redirect to the previous valid like before.

Should be fixed next monday.

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