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  1. oh you mean temp, well thats pretty dumb cpu-z isn't picking that up correctly here, previously it did in the aida score. Same OS, two things changed, cpu-z version and bios version. So what is causing this? As I honestly didn't change anything with cpu-z but to use XOC mode. No unchecking sensors or anything.
  2. I'm probably bit retarded where can I find this sensor, can't find it here: validation link https://valid.x86.fr/mquh8n As I said all I did was using XOC mode in CPU-Z
  3. What sensor? I didn't turn anything off as far as I'm aware. Just used XOC mode for validation.
  4. You’re right man, a lot if factors that play a role, expensive prices to build one system let alone binning multiple parts. It’s just something we have to accept if we chose to do it as we can’t change it. As Roman pointed out we could role out changes for upcoming products and field test them, that’s not too radical and for legacy nothing changes. Great opportunity for hwbot/Benchmate imho. Let’s get involved: Will the main players set up a meeting over discord/Skype etc? I think we are not far off finding a decent middle ground for now, guys just need to talk details.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion. However I feel like some parts I read between the like are just rude and I don’t know where this defensive position is coming from. I and others posted up a strong score early on in the Corsair comp which in your opinion scares new users. Yet you say the comp is going strong. Does that match? Hwbot is a competitive platform which goes especially for a competition. Using your wording: If competing vs. high scores is frustrating or non-usefull experience than I guess one needs to look for another hobby. Holding back scores can’t be the solution as it defeats the whole purpose of hwbot and their Rankings /comps. But enough of firing shots at each other: At the end of the day I wanted to open a discussion with an open mindset of what we can do to make all more accessible to make ppl even start the journey. One stop shop for downloading, benching, validating and submitting results sounds like the right way where applicable like 3Dmark. Bottom line is the right ppl in charge just need to get back at the table and talk options and solutions the time is right.
  6. Rolling out this change with Alderlake feels like a step in the right direction 👍🏻 So we see how it goes and adapt from there
  7. And the big picture is: less rules, less possibilities for error, less frustration, less obstacles for new users. It’s just a suggestion right, however if all stays the same we keep bleeding
  8. As I said no big deal if cpuz gets all in one window without having to waste minutes for everything to load and arrange to fit the screenshot.
  9. Clicking on a screen to open and check the stats … come one!
  10. If it’s just visibility that is holding the mod team back, it’s simple, let’s ask matt to make the Benchmate summery window gui bigger 👍🏻 As I said no need to ban cpu-z entirely, especially for legacy. However if someone uses Benchmate adding in cpuz on top has nothing to offer but room for error and frustration imho.
  11. If 12900k has 16 cores, treat it as a 16-core cpu. Period. If Intel decides to make 8 of them stronger and 8 of them weaker, have HT on one and not on the other, thats then Intel's decision. From what you hear it even performs like a "true" 16-core 5950x. So what's the big deal. Also 12900k is monolithic. For example the 5950x isn't even monolithic and has chiplets. Can I disable chiplets and make it join the 8- or 4-core category? No I can't. So if you have a 12900k you can join two categories and essentially gain double the points in some way, that's just weird and complicated. Allowing disabling part of the chip so it can joins a different category so it looks stronger is contradicting previously made statement regarding disabling cores for frequency validation. ppl can disable all they want it is still an 16-core chip, and therefore it should get treated that way eventhough some cores are stronger than others, some are more efficient than others. It's the overall performance that counts. Regardless of the amount of threads right? When Intel comes out with with quad HT, what do we do then? It's still X amount of cores but 4-times the amount of threads. The way I look at it is the individual cores just got more powerful/efficient. But plz don't make it more complicated with dividing CPUs into multiple categories. Please correct me if I'm wrong but we do we differ between a 6-core with HT and one without?
  12. Okay the thread makes it sound like I want to get rid of CPU-Z entirely. That is not necessarily the case. I look at scenarios where benchmate is or can be used and get's the job done. Obviously it's no point double up on monitoring. However in legacy OS situations or in situation where benchmate is not mandatory (which is the majority) you can still chose do use whatever you like if you see an advantage using CPU-Z ... I think it's just annoying if I have the option of Benchmate. I use it even for spi and it does a great job: https://hwbot.org/submission/4808812_ Making Benchmate mandatory in all applicable benching situations would be something I'd honestly prefer. One place to download all that you need. Somewhat more even playing field and you don't have to worry about cheating. Atm I'd still offer ppl the option to chose. But once you are using Benchmate it should enable you to reduce the amount of windows and double checks. It's like getting vaccinated, the ones who are willing to do it can start having more freedom. Then again do we rly want to bench on operating software older than Xp? Super old hardware and super old benchmarks? If the goal is to attract new audience I'd cut all that stuff out.
  13. Hi team, we have this incredible platform with hwbot that we mostly love and sometimes hate. Train of thought: Recently I uploaded a result with Benchmate commented by buildzoid who pointed out (and rightfully so as it is compliant with the rules) that one of my three cpu-z windows didn’t show the memory tab as I made this annoying mistake and opened up the same cpu-z tab twice. That I‘m sure happened to all of us once in the heat of the moment trying to conserve that precious score in a screenshot. https://hwbot.org/submission/4810041_ w Ah annoying! Well I re-ran it before it even got picked up by an admin the next day and put up the proper screenshot. No big deal right? However it got me thinking to the point that I wanted to write a thread to check if any of you feel a similar way. So in my case described above all the relevant info about memory were present in the screenshot of our one stop shop: Benchmate. Despite the fact that we have this great tool in 2021 that has been constantly evolving over the past years which streamlines the benching experience, makes it all simple and safe we still have to open half a dozen cpu-z windows that in most cases don’t offer any relevant additional info when used in conjunction with Benchmate. From a historical standpoint we’ve been using cpuz forever to monitor hardware info. However this is not history class, it’s overclocking so I don’t count an argument that is just like „we do it because we have always done it“. Let’s evaluate: Cpu-z has barely evolved at all. Same layout/gui as ever. Here is the deal: I’d be cool with it if there were like a combined window/tab with all important info in one, call it „benchmark view“ or whatever. But if it brings nothing new to the table we might just get rid of the necessity to include it in many screenshots/validations where Benchmate is used that in contrary manages to include all info in one tidy little window, simple, easy and compliant with judging requirements. Listen I love hwbot and XOC and it’s not a secret that it has issues attracting new users and interaction over a long period of time. It is kinda hard to see things from a new user‘s perspective after doing this for a long time but I remember at the beginning of my hwbot endeavors all the different benchmarks and their rules - it was all a bit overwhelming and intimidating eventhough I rly wanted to do it I guess at least I‘m still here right. So working in a global hardware/software company I get the impression that hwbot needs to get a whole lot more accessible to increase the adoption rate. As we can see from the recent Corsair comp: great prices are not enough to make ppl play by our rules. Holding back highscores can’t be the solution either. Ppl these days want it easy without annoying obstacles, that’s why zoom was king over Webex and MS teams at the start of covid, that’s why ppl use windows over Linux, that’s why ppl use Apple over PC… you’re mileage may vary but I hope you get the point. So for hwbot to stay relevant we need to attract more user’s, that might not be as hardcore. These days I’m certain the guys in charge of hwbot rely on their great connections within the industry to get us competitions with prices. We can make their lives a whole lot easier and our overclocking a whole lot more rewarding (comps with prices) a whole lot more often if hwbot managed to get more user to play the game of overclocking. Hence I encourage you to evaluate how we can make the experience here a great one. Knocking off a new user because he forgot or didn’t know what extra windows to open which I bet happens all the time is not motivating. Or imagine you have been sitting there for hours and finally got the score you've been chasing there on the screen but CPU-Z bugs out and won't open for you to take the correct screenshot, man that sucks! The goal should be to streamline the benching process and I feel like we have the right foundation today. If it means to get rid of irrelevant bulk of tools/rules and even benchmarks that are unpopular, to make hwbot slimmer and more accessible heck then let’s stop being stubborn think outside the box and take necessary steps.
  14. sigh... time to waste some more ln2 on this platform. Not trying to make this a general diskussion, just a thought: In an ideal world, when one uses benchmate, can't we start to reduce the amount of extra windows needed that don't give any relevant extra info, that benchmate isn't already offering? Relevant info for freq and timings is present in benchmate for example. Especially if a result is not suspicious right, opening up half a dozen windows is just annoying. Especially if you just missclicked because you're getting old :D
  15. don't quite remember you old score, what improvement did you see from the mod?
  16. Was actually not a backup, just went back grinding the same day.
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