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  1. Oh okay that was what the juice was for recently on fb. Congrats!
  2. 6888 if I recall correctly. So gain was about 10MHz. The IHS was pretty good already though.
  3. I understand, unfortunately not in the near future, as we can't get LN2 atm...
  4. Check my profile. The Cinebench result is what I have. Something worth exploring otherwise there is nothing left to do for you lol
  5. Yes tested for the results and settings that websmile provided to validate them.
  6. Upsi... well I guess then the result can be re-entered to the teamcup right? (don't see the edith option anymore)
  7. Item comes as shown. All regular mounting gear fits. It’s trivial.
  8. CENS

    [WTB] Raptor4

    As the title says preferably with accessories. shipping to Germany
  9. Okay, I respect the rules. I asked my better half to take these pics real quick. So these are the ones I have for now. I’m not keen on upsetting anyone early on so: If anyone has mixed feelings about them, I offer payment through regular PayPal if buyer covers fees. thx!
  10. You are interested I‘m not home atm due to work, but I try to find a solution for the picture. - added pics
  11. All items located in Germany. Pick-up possible in Frankfurt/Main Area. Shipping worldwide, buyer covers shipping. Payment through Paypal F&F. The usual: I‘m a privat seller, no swapping of items, no refund, no return, no warranty. All sales are final. TEK-9 ICON 3.0 GPU pot new in box with all accessories 225€ SOLD Trading is an option for: - Raptor4 with accessories SOLD: #1: The great kit #18 from websmile's thread. 295€ SOLD to Midnight703 #2: Great 10900k Boxed does 5.4G ambient SP 87 and 6.83G on LN2, from my recent first LN2 session, a more experienced guy and with delidding more should be possible. Chip in mint condition. 700€ SOLD elsewhere https://hwbot.org/submission/4501844_ #3: 2x 10900k SP88 not testet on LN2. SOLD elsewhere 665€ More capable 10900k Boxed. 2 items left. Not tested on LN2. SP87 645€ SOLD elsewhere New, unused T-Rex pot in mint condition with perfectly flat bottom surface. 225€ SOLD to kikoone31
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