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  1. Not sure if it has been brought up yet: On one's profile on the main homepage iIrc there was an option to change the display of achievements or write a short text, name sponsors etc. I thought that was a nice. I guess it must have been disabled. Can we get it back?
  2. added 11900KF cold result R20
  3. Mem and one chip sold, price-cut on the remaining chips.
  4. If you actually intend to buy and have mixed feelings just get the other one πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒ
  5. Yes seems I did use real-time in that run sry rest seems fine. I might add I do use rly low LLC2 though so it’s high vdroop
  6. #1 is sold and paid
  7. quite a few are interested, I did test in the more suitable Gear1 however my IMC is bit limiting here at ambient, so I chose C11 for the kit, don't mind my time, I'm not a spi guy, probably wrong amount of memory in windows and it's win10, should not be the limit.
  8. New items on display: #1: G.Skill Royal 16GB DDR4 B-Die. 5200MHz CL15-14-14-1T @2v air Geekbench3 stable. To get an idea for daily you can run: 4800 CL17-17-17 1T @1,5v (best of 45+ kits) previously owned by websmile #2: Intel Boxed 11900KF 5.3GHz all-core @1.32v load (water 24Β°C) SP89 (best of 5x 11900KF) + 6.52GHz all-core in R20 #3: AMD Ryzen 5950X (top 3 von 15) 4,850 GHz all-core 2100 FCLK #4: AMD Ryzen 5950X (top 3 von 15) 4850 GHz all-core 2100 FCLK #1: 345€ #2: 545€ #3: 1045€ #4: 900€ Location: GER, I can ship to EU and USA. Buyer covers shipping. Payment: Paypal F&F. I'm a privat seller, therefore I can't offer return, refund or swapping of goods. However I guarantee the hardware is in perfect working condition and does what I say it does.
  9. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    Re-Added the 11900KF πŸ‘
  10. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    push updated offering
  11. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    last price update
  12. CENS

    11900KF SP89 6500+ R20

    adding 11900KF boxed
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