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  1. http://www.giyf.com/ ? i like this site: http://www.computerbase.de/suche/?q=voodoo&bereich=downloads
  2. i guess the first one, cpu-speed might be more important than ram-speed. but why don´t you try both settings? it´s the best way to find it out
  3. yeah that result is impressive, especial for this early time of the competiton... but there are points for the eight best submissions i´ll try it, too. i guess there is a athlon 2800+ in my collection... let´s see, what it is good for ^^
  4. will fit or will work? is agp 2x compatible to agp 4/8x or to agp 1x?
  5. ok, thats realy a problem. but fortunately you have a lot of time to change the board until the competition ends edit: try first turricans method. sounds plausible
  6. did you already modify the clocks or did you the test @stock? maybe it became to hot und slow down itself?
  7. is there a way to find out, wich card is backwards compatible and wich is not except google for each card?
  8. why did you underclock your cpu? wouldn`t it be better to overclock it?
  9. a fx5600 for agp 2x? i have a gf4 mx440, that is allready agp 8x!
  10. oh good, my k6-166 doesn´t have any agp-slot. maybe my gf2 pci is good enough
  11. i like competitions with "classic" hardware, too. but i guess my k6 166 might be useless in a competition against k6 II and k6 III ^^
  12. 3D Mark 06 on a GeForce2? I gues you post the score to the wrong Benchmark. You did the 3D Mark 03, not 06
  13. thats because i didn´t disable cool n quiet. the screen was made in idle-mode. during the bench of course the cpu runs at 3 ghz it´s just an office pc without any oc-options, because of that i couldn´t overclock it. >.<
  14. i´ll do it next week. this week i need all my free time for the hwbot-challenge...
  15. Are you sure? But it´s a 32 MB version and the MX400 has 64 MB. Or is it a different version? But you´re right, GPU-Z says MX400, too. Thank you.
  16. i have the original packaging, too it was my first self bought pc and it is still in use^^
  17. war zu der zeit auch der absolute hammer das k7s5a war so schnell wie die highend boards und so billig wie die mainstreamboards ^^ und das beste: erst konnte ich meinen alten sd-ram weiterbenutzen und später dann auf ddr umsteigen solche ausnahmeboards für den kleinen geldbeutel sucht man heute vergebens...
  18. this competition is a great idea =) i like nostalgic stuff like that^^ but i´d like it more with nostalgic hardware whats about a competition for the lowest score with graphic cards with dx6.1 or higher? ^^
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