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  1. Everybody knows that gemini is a really good cpu pot.BUT I will show what can happen IF you use it under dice or just ice like I did ( ). My pot was insulated with armaflex and insulation tape,managed to ran many ln2 sessions without issues. One day I thought to prepare the system for the next day's dice session. Used some normal ice to test the contact between cpu and pot's base. Everything seemed to be ok but after 10minutes I saw some ml of water on the floor and turned off the pc immediately. Water was from pot of course,but did not care about this to say the truth. The only think which was important for me was the cpu and I removed it. here comes a photo of it: So,what I want to say is: For DICE sessions ALWAYS SEAL Base to the body using insulation tape!!! Ps. my cpu is still alive and working like new
  2. One more bomb from our neighbours on old series nvidia cards category Hope to change that but anyway good job
  3. Mine is ok.Have about 8-10 contacts like these. It works like new
  4. IMC's Score Update: 3030Mhz achieved on air. Thanks Hiwa
  5. Thanks Will try. Can do 2900-2940 16Gb but need to pass the 2970 wall what vtt and vcssa to use? for 3K on air?
  6. Its time to post some results isnt it? 5Ghz 4core HT enabled: Imc 2950Mhz Spi32M: 2970Mhz not Spi32M stable
  7. L224C371 Air 4C/8T 50x100 SPI32M 1.286v...4C/8T 51x100 SPI32M 1.365v IMC 2975MHz
  8. "but would like to see it under overclocked conditions.Thats why I will continue the test and post results to analyze them." forgot to mention the chips which are Cfr. Will post results as soon as possible
  9. haha actually I post more photos than ussual because some people said that I do not include what I have to so on them(on an other forum).So I wanted to be safety this time
  10. Hey again, I got a kit from Avexir a couple of weeks ago for overclocking purposes Haven't managed to test them with cold IMC but would like to post some Aida scores from running them on my daily pc. Here are some photos of their box: Backside: And now lets open it.Shall we? Now the System Setup: Intel i7 3770K@4.5Ghz Msi Z77A-GD80 Avexir 4x4Gb 2400Mhz Cl10 Evga 660Ti Thermaltake Toughpower Xt 1350W Dimastech Benchatble Easy White Os:Windows 7 64Bit Eng A memory kit with my name Aida tests: Read Copy Write Latency Conclusion: The Avexir is a brand new vendor in memory industry.They are willing with their experience to produce well performing products.Anyway the kit is good enough for its performance but would like to see it under overclocked conditions.Thats why I will continue the test and post results to analyze them. Thank you. Ps. sorry for the pictures.They could be better but I haven't my camera available due to lack of battery
  11. Hey guys,just received my new graphics card and thought it would be nice to post some benchmarking scores from my daily pc. Some words about the card: The card itself is an option made from Msi.It uses the dual slot cooler called Twin Frozr. The custom pcb and the aftermarket cooler are there for anything a user can require from the card. But anyway you are not here to read specifications and long texts. I assume you are here to see the results of the card in combination of my 3770K.Right? So just for the record what I used for the review: Hardware: Intel i7 3770K Evga Z77 FTW Avexir 4x4Gb 2400MhzCl10 ThermalTake ToughtPower Xt 1350W Dimastech Easy White Software: OS:Windows7 64bit Drivers:Nvidia 301.42 First lets check what card can do on stock settings: 3DMark03: 3DMark Vantage: 3DMark11: Now I overclocked the card at 1150mhz which has as a result 1315mhz~ due to the Boost technology. I found out the Gpux max frequency but for memory had to do more tests because it could run stable at 1800Mhz without additional voltage needed! 3DMark Vantage Overclocked: 3DMark 11 Overclocked: Final Words: The performance of this card is great but what surprised me was the memory overclocking part. Have tested a 660Ti before(with the same type of memory chips I think) and didnt manage to pass 1650-1675mhz. As for the cooling it kept the core under 61C on stock settings and auto fan speed and under 57C while overclocked on 100% fan speed. Thanks for reading
  12. I got inspired from Hipro5. Still remember when I bought a local magazine to get some advices to build my first pc. Then I saw George's scores with blacko7 I will never sell his gpu pot
  13. FireKillerGR

    The Fail

    haha maybe I beet you Burnt a 8800gt by applying As5 on vrm. Killed a P55a ud5 when soldering.(60watt solder -ouch-). The good 480gtx lightning of Hipro.(was his fault but anyway).Its core got broken from the pot. And killed a 4870 aa month ago. I think I have more,will add soon.
  14. thanks bro yeah you are right.Actually I sent all of my eraser.I think too that I have to make it thicker and add more around the first pci express. Also armaflex is easier to use than vaseline.Its a sticker actually. +its easy removable.
  15. Hey,this is my guide for insulating a motherboard. I thought it would be a nice idea to make one for new users. The ginny pig will be my favourite Evga Z77 Ftw What you will need to insulate a motherboard: Plastik Spray for PCBs.I am using the following: http://www.conrad-uk.com/medias/global/ce/8000_8999/8200/8200/8205/820560_BB_00_FB.EPS_400.jpg Some packs of "Art Eraser" (around 8 packets): http://zindy-zone.dk/images/drawings/tutorial/materials/art_eraser.jpg Insulation Tape: http://www.tapes-direct.co.uk/images/s026.jpg and Vaseline: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d5/Vaseline.jpg/220px-Vaseline.jpg So lets start: Firstly,we have to remove all the stickers.To do that,an easy way is to increase the temperature with a hairdryer and remove them. After cleaning the motherboard and removing the stickers we can move on insulating it. Step 1a:Use a swab to spread it all over the cpu's area.Try not to come n touch with socket's pins,fan connectors,cpu power connectors,etc. here is the result: Now its become glossy lets move on to "Step 1b" Step 1b: and do the same on the backside of the motherboard: Step 2: Fron tside Now lets use the eraser: Make small pieces of it and starting insulating the are around the cpu and pci express: Right before we end with the cpu area: ***Good tip to know.I always use insulation tape to keep the cpu in possition.In that way we are sure that eraser will not damage socket's pins!!! Cpu's Socket area completed: Step 3: Front side Move on and insulate the pci express area. Do what you did for the cpu area.Be careful again with pci express pins. As you can see I am using insulation tape around the pci express in order to prevent vaseline(I use vaseline when insulating a graphics card)come in touch with eraser.That will make the eraser to melt and have a horrible result. Step 4: Back side Here I use insulation tape for the backplate as it gets really cold. Then I fill it with eraser and cover the eraser with insulation tape,in order to prevent ot getting in touch with the vaseline. Step 5: Vaseline Spread vaseline on the back side of the motherboard.I have not done this on the Ftw as I still using it as my 24/7 system,will add photos soon. Additional Tips and tricks: 1)Use armaflex tape instead of vaseline for the backside of the motherboard. 2)Use paper in order to create an additional level of insulation around the pci express area annnnnnddd third and most important enjoy your session Any possible mistakes will be corrected as soon as possible! Thanks, Stavros PS. forgot to mention that removing the socket will make your job easier!
  16. Splave's method: 45x106@1.25v 4c/8t run 2x Spi32m now will test for 5ghz 100x50 4c/8t @1.285v spi32m stable
  17. just for the record it cannot boot @5ghz 2c/2t with 1.5vcore
  18. just picked my new 3700k batch:3229B896 lets find out what voltage is needed for 5Ghz edit: its totally crap what can I do now?will buy a Malay
  19. ok sorry just saw somebody who was selling a pot and thought to make the trhead btw ηρέμισε
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