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  1. 3770k's clocks means pure Ghz which boosts FPS aka high gpu score. But cause physics is based on everything like cores, threads, frequency, mem freq, mem timings( and maybe more), a s2011 cpu is better than a s1155 cpu. In conlcusion, its all about balance. High Ghz means high gpu score when a s2011 cpu means higher cpu score. Dont be confused of high gpu score; its normal
  2. So hero is the new formula?
  3. We had no time to desolder it unfortunately As Phil posted on subs we are out of the city for some days. So soldering of epower should be done quickly (without having to solder something again). We would even try cutting 8 pin but as it is not confirmed yet we tried 2 pin of IC as others We tried card for 2 hours to see that everything was working properly
  4. We did some quick tests and it seems fine
  5. OR Der8auer trolls us and cpu can do 6850 haha kidding Roman Now shoot some 3D
  6. Yo, after grabbing one Titan, wanted to check this small IC; cause many posted it was the hardest mod. So, after some tries I think I figured out that the pin should be the trace marked on the above photo. PS. Haven't tested yet so it isnt 100% sure that it will work Also for those who want to disable Boost technology cause in a test card runs @1180mhz and on an other 1190mhz place bat file into inspector's folder and run it. It will change your clocks as well so after running it please set again the clocks you want. Keep in mind that bat file should be on the same dericetory as nvidiaInspector.exe is An other PS. I chose to .zip it cause could not upload bat files. Enjoy, hope it helps
  7. Do u fart DICE or smth??????? Here cost is about 3 € which means more than 4USD per KG
  8. @(se)xxxbass () try some malays, my good cpu is Malay
  9. same here. Tested a 3244C from RMA... bad as shit. couldnt run spi1m 2cores enable @1.7v on cascade -.-
  10. Think its valid. After all there are no rules for cinebench so I assume score with cpu tab should be fine.
  11. Please let me know if you see any other submissions like the above. I think I didn't forget any of them. PS. BTW. I believe in K404! (as requested )
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