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  1. Will have to pay in order to ship from Greece to Italy (or somewhere else) returning of course will not cost me anything
  2. Ah idc, gonna sell it. RMA will cost 20€ shipping same like selling and buying a new one from a local store. Then I will be able to rma without paying for the shipping costs
  3. FUUUUUUUUU CRAPPY CPUSSSSSSS :@ lol did anyone tested crap cpus under ln2? Will do mine on cascade. 2V... fear-less
  4. WTF????????? My cpu is too crappyyyyyy :'( 4.5GHz needs 1.38v in order to run heavy benchmarks 0.0
  5. Just a tip. Sr3 isnt that popular cause new xeon processors arent unlocked.
  6. Problem isnt if its fair or not. Rules should be kept the same, ES for pro oc cup. Anyone who wants to use an ES and stay on his category, there is an option when submitting his score. Aka not participating for points. It would be nice all pro ocers could get ES cpus. For us who cant, we just have to deal with it.
  7. Hey Ronaldo I really dont think there is something to vote for. In OC category ES are not allowed and should be kept this way. So chances should be more equal that way. The only question is about the Pro Oc cup. Should ES be allowed for Cup yes or no? This subject is something which has to be discussed on a different section IMO. Anyway, glad we both have the same beliefs Discussion about allowing ES is something which has to be discussed between Staff and teams.
  8. From EU you could ask some Der8auer or buy from EK (dunno if they sell any).
  9. There arent any costa rica cpus out there right? Malay are everywhere
  10. Why not checking ebay? There are some really good and cheap there. You will be able to use thr for ln2 later
  11. My mobo (or cpu) died cause "bios flashing was succesfull, please press enter to reboot". First time had a bad flash, wtf? System never booted again. Cpu led so either mobo or cpu
  12. L309B316 4.4GHz 3dmark05 ,06 with 1.35v 4.5GHz with 1.36 short benchable.
  13. Yeap, as Phil said. It is really fast. You can poor ln2 during benchmark and it will freeze instantly! Thanks Roman
  14. No prob buddy. Anytime u may need help people will be here ^^
  15. Yaaaaa we are 3rd Too close for the second place but closer to the 4rd one Anyway, congrats to each one of the "opponents". Kpc team was unreachable in almost all stages. Probably 1st place for the next cup aswell Special congrats to kpc 2, united ocers and smoke&slamms team. Great scores from all
  16. Leave slowpoke alone :@
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