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  1. My question is, what if you boot 6Ghz open xtu, downclock to a benchable freq and then run xtu?
  2. OR send me an offer via pm and we will find a way. Will send a gigabyte h61 mobo as a gift too (I dont have any 1155 cpus so its useless)
  3. Hello, for sale an other 2600K which can boot no problem what @x55 multi with 1.5v It is in perfect condition with box and cooler. Never used under subzero cooling. Got it from a friend almost 2 weeks ago but having an H61 mobo doesnt help me test it So price is 220€ + shipping Payment via paypal Thanks, Stavros
  4. the 4770K ES 4.7 GHz cinebench and 3d11 physics stable with 1.20v on air 4C/8T 4.8 GHz cinebench and 3d11 physics stable with 1.256v on air 4C/8T 5Ghz on air not possible Same cpu on SS (-20C) 5 GHz spi32m with 1.24v 4c/8t 5.1 GHz spi32m with 1.27v 4c/8t wprime 32m 4c/8t with 1.28v but cpu's temp reached +17C so I didnt test more next step: cascade
  5. try to measure the resistance. If its the same u will see that u only have to use one of them. If not u will have to solder a 100ohm between these two points
  6. Gemini sold and gonna keep the old tek. So thread closed
  7. EDIT: its 40€ for both shipped to the Netherlands
  8. For sale KPC Gemini with both bases. Mounting kit is included. Price: 80€ http://pic.xfastest.com/nickshih/f1gemini4.JPG http://pic.xfastest.com/nickshih/f1gemini2.JPG and KPC old tek pot, with 2 screws only (couldnt find the rest) from the old man aka Hipro5. Price: 40€ https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/318547_108623325909784_5443815_n.jpg Price for both: 110€ Prices do not include shipping costs. I am from Greece and can ship everywhere with customer's expense. Payment via PayPal Thanks, Stavros
  9. Hello, for sale my 2600k which does 5550 MHz with 1.52v under air. Didnt test it with SS because I dont have a mobo right now. Offers via pm in € Shipping worldwide, payment via paypal. Will upload a photo later, no pc ATM
  10. am I the only one who thinks that the similarities are obvious? failed
  11. U NOOB ... hwbot is 100% a greek forum, even themes colors remind Greek flag This is why we <3 Pieter Pan we need an other thread regarding what we dont like lol
  12. Interesting topic For sure many guys get hw for free but unfortunately the discussion by its own seems to have a dead end... PS. just for the record, I agreed with Moose. He is 23rd and people with less points get hw.
  13. Not really Especially when I want it for Pro OC Cup
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