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  1. Please let me know if you see any other submissions like the above. I think I didn't forget any of them. PS. BTW. I believe in K404! (as requested )
  2. First of all, relax. No need for personal attacks. We are not here for this reason. Also you cannot judge overclockers if they cannot/haven't do/done scores every day. It will not be accurate. Anyway, wanna say the truth, which is that Pieter did NOT handle the communication correctly. Based on post #416 I can understand that he knows it aswell; thats why he replied to phil this way. Me Phil and Rsannino, we will create a team. Lets hope our hardware is at least enough.
  3. lets see how it goes... Seriously: I hope Pieter has something good on his mind. Maybe its worth a try
  4. http://www.hwbox.gr/news-events-overclocking-hwbot/19775-battlenet-gaming-meets-overclocking-event-2013-a.html Photos on the link.Wait for the video
  5. Hello everyone, again after almost a year, we are happy to introduce you to our overclocking event. Since it will take place in Greece, we will post livestreaming links here on this thread in order to give you the ability to watch it by yourself! Date: 27/01/2013 Place: Battlenet Pefkakia at Athens,Greece Concept of the Overclocking Event: This year well-known Greek overclockers will try to achieve great scores with hardware sponsored by EVGA, Intel, Kingston, Dimastech and Der8auer. Like previous years, we will have three (3) teams this time too. Team #1: Aristidis with Stelaras Team #2: Sofos1990 with Crustytheclown and last but not least 3rd team: Phil with FirekillerGr The sytem setups will be the same for each team and it will be considered of: Intel? Coreā„¢ i7-3770K EVGA Z77 Ftw EVGA GeForce 680GTX Classified Kingston Predator 2400Cl11 8Gb EVGA SuperNOVA Nex 1500Watt Intel 5series 240Gb EVGA Evbot Dimastech Benchtable Special thanks to each one of our sponsors to make this event come true In any case I forgot something, I will try to edit the post. Thanks, Stavros
  6. yeap almost the same here the normal price is 2.8 euro +23% vat per litre Dice its 2.5 euro per kilo
  7. TridentX or Dominator ? Anyway massive score u got there Next target is 70K?
  8. lol why applying these voltages on dice? With mine I resisted on 1.6v max!
  9. Hey Vince,u know me I love gemini. My FIRST insulation method was perfect for ln2.never had problems with it. But didn't think that not using tape between base and body would be a problem -as it was ok for ln2- . Never blamed Vince and I will NOT. Gemini is awesome. Just wanted to inform other people in order to avoid the same issue.
  10. Everybody knows that gemini is a really good cpu pot.BUT I will show what can happen IF you use it under dice or just ice like I did ( ). My pot was insulated with armaflex and insulation tape,managed to ran many ln2 sessions without issues. One day I thought to prepare the system for the next day's dice session. Used some normal ice to test the contact between cpu and pot's base. Everything seemed to be ok but after 10minutes I saw some ml of water on the floor and turned off the pc immediately. Water was from pot of course,but did not care about this to say the truth. The only think which was important for me was the cpu and I removed it. here comes a photo of it: So,what I want to say is: For DICE sessions ALWAYS SEAL Base to the body using insulation tape!!! Ps. my cpu is still alive and working like new
  11. One more bomb from our neighbours on old series nvidia cards category Hope to change that but anyway good job
  12. Mine is ok.Have about 8-10 contacts like these. It works like new
  13. IMC's Score Update: 3030Mhz achieved on air. Thanks Hiwa
  14. Thanks Will try. Can do 2900-2940 16Gb but need to pass the 2970 wall what vtt and vcssa to use? for 3K on air?
  15. Its time to post some results isnt it? 5Ghz 4core HT enabled: Imc 2950Mhz Spi32M: 2970Mhz not Spi32M stable
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