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  1. Such a shame, sold mine 4 days ago Dont think price is good but here brand new costs around 240€, if u need help dont hesitate to ask. Will be glad to help u get it
  2. Yeap and this happen around 6 months ago... Strong piece of silicon Offers through pm
  3. Hmm re-thought about it so lets lower the price 300€ without shipping Ship worldwide uppon request
  4. ah cpu isnt that old thanked God both cpu and mobo surviced
  5. Hello, for sale my good cpu. Its a malay L224C371. It can do 6.6Ghz 32M with 4 cores enabled and 3d with 4 cores enable. 3d11 physics around 6.4 with HT on with less than 1.88v Never applied more voltage than 1.905v Unfortunately cpu seems like this: http://imageshack.us/scaled/landing/202/camerazoom2012120914152.jpg dont worry about some paper pieces on the photo Take care of black contacts. I guarantee that cpu is working as mentioned. Score: http://hwbot.org/submission/2378342 6.6Ghz 32m with 1.904 real voltage from dmm. http://hwbot.org/submission/2350079_ 6560mhz Aqua after 5 hours of benching and IMC http://hwbot.org/submission/2366171_ 1563.5 mhz under SS Price 330€ without shipping costs. Only with paypal for being safe Thanks, Stavros PS. cpu has been used under ln2 only for aqua, 32m, firestrike and 11. Nothing else Plus max voltages that I applied: Vcore: 1.905 real Pll. 1.85v Vtt: 1.2v VCCIO: 1.14v VTT2: 1.13v
  6. Can I play with my 3770K? I will disable HT Seriously, I dont have a 3570K -.-
  7. Also didnt understand the number of people who will be qualified. 50% or minimum 10. If B class EMEA has 9 people all of them will be qualified and will compete all of Class B? Or only 50% of EMEA will be qualified
  8. Will soon test psc on mpower too Wish me luck
  9. Obsidian and Intel's mobo... WTF? Shows us the benchtables and the high-end under NDA mobos
  10. Yeah pls for 650 ti boost 2gb pe/oc aswell Maybe guys who will use amd shouldnt allowed to use coldslow bioses cause they earn from tessellation. Ocers who will use nvidia will not have tess options but coldslow bios Some kind of a tie
  11. yeah and also ONLY 2 will go to the finals anyway sorry for the off-topic. rest in pm
  12. F@ck I really forgot about this thing aka tess -.- what can I do now? Will have to give it a shot
  13. I have a 650 ti boost over here I am still confused though; will it be better than a 560 448 or no?
  14. I havent even benched yet so I think its ok ^^
  15. Yeah Of course I dont need explanations I am "new" as well. I was overclocking for the last 3 years but lately I got more into these things
  16. Hey Ryba sorry bro but dont act like an @ss I dont know last year issues/problems but its crystal clear that Vlad is trying to help oc community over here by planning a live oc event. For me its more than enough even when people who got only 3 points got qualified. I dont have anything personal with John but still rules gave the chance to him to got qualified when other teams MAY tried harder. The point is, we have an overclocker who is working for ASUS and trying to support community. This is why I dont care about the rules and contest's limitations; I am just following the guideline like everybody else.
  17. LOL Wrong URL as well. Submitted score is 13954 and URL's score is 13675 WTF Giorgio?
  18. Yeah guys Glad I will meet u there Roman and StrategosSan Also wanna meet others aswell
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