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  1. There are no AM2 Phenoms, only AM2+, so it depends on how they count, but I wouldn't bet on Phenoms being allowed since they preform similar to Intels Core architecture which would lead to the Intel choice being completely meaningless.
  2. I wouldn't say that there is a safe way of just looking at the numbers on the chip and say that it's EDO or FPM. Best is to find the datasheet for the chip, and in your case, your 30-pin module is indeed FPM: http://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/hym91000s-60/3011031828902403077/ Google does not find anything on that other chip. Sure you got all the digits right?
  3. No, it's the infamous 660GT. Only two were ever made. Just kidding
  4. There are 72 pin with FPMs also, as there is EDO on 30 pin. FPM is just a technique. Never heard of FPM on 168 pin though. I think they should've picked a specific number of pins instead of a type of chip as this is very hard to distinguish.
  5. Only in stage 1 it says the restriction is slot 1. So in stage 2 you should be able to use both slot and socket based P3s
  6. Thought about this myself, but since cpu-z reports Dothan as 479, I don't think it's allowed.
  7. @T.Rex What do you mean? You have to use a Geforce 5-series graphics card, not 2 or 3 or 4. And Geforce 5xxx doesn't have SLI capability.
  8. Apparently Cooler Master uses Santa for delivery. I guess it makes sense since he's going everywhere anyway this time of year.
  9. I don't like the limitation of only member that joined on or before 30th october can participate. Sweden are a small country and we might need to bring in more people than usually bench on HWBOT to be able to get results in every stage. Plus, doesn't HWBOT want more members? Seems like a very strange decision to me.
  10. Congrats HwBox to the victory! It's been a blast and I'm extremly happy Techsweden took 5th place, better than I anticipated before hand. Now I can rest.
  11. Yes, now it actually works. I can't remember what I've searched for exactly, but it has been things regarding Team Cup during the summer, and nothing that I've searched for worked. Ah well, it's always like this when you contact support, right
  12. How's it going with the search function? I've not been able to search since beforce summer.
  13. It's not just you, it's been broken for me for a long time now, I don't know what is happening.
  14. Thanks for this, will try it. Haven't found a working mod yet and no guide have had measure points.
  15. +1 You might as well have sold that hardware and then all the benching was for nothing.
  16. I personally would like that since I'm away on vacation now and won't be back until august 24
  17. What's motherboard(s) are you using? I assume it's AT. I myself are looking for both socket 3 and 5 motherboards for some old school clocking. My first computer was a 286 25 MHz
  18. So, have added a result, and it doesn't show. http://hwbot.org/submission/2572660_
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