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  1. the tek 9 fat was sold to first person who asked, sorry if anyone else wanted.
  2. yes that is really close, im like 20 miles from nyc.
  3. the 35L is older style taylor wharton but has best lid and vaccum. 20L has amazing vaccum and nice lid. 30L has great lid and felt like it evaporated a little faster than 35L, but it looks brand new and I think it is also really good. it is the nicest looking. The 30L has a bad dent and no lid. I usually used that as my first dewar of the seesion. Holds decent for a few weeks, but I dont like to let that one sit. I used to just shove a t-shirt in it, a few days and it holds fine. I will take some pics tonight. if close enough I would try and drive and meet up with you.
  4. i just updated OP with better pics. I am going to spend the night going thru pm's and thread and make sure whoever messaged or posted first gets first dibs. I will also get requested quotes tonight and find any screenshots I can. man I feel so heartbroken right now. Just looking at all the time and money spent on this stuff. It was so sad throwing away all my little frost king pieces and folded blue towels, there was so much. Man I feel so bad right now.
  5. sorry I didnt price out the 285 and 580 yet, I know I used vas on the 580 but I think just LET on the 285. I have to figure out what boxes I would use and then get a quote for international. I honestly never documented 7350k on air and cant remember. I have some gigabyte comp screens I can upload tonight. Just to document you were the first person to ask for the gpu's so I can let you know price later tonight. Sorry for delay.
  6. haha, I feel dumb, I have to update pic for f1 dark. I was sitting in my room earlier just thinking how it's dumb everything is just sitting around so I just took quick pics. I cant believe how nice the pixel camera is. After work tonight I will update with better pictures. The 4266 kit I bought for the apex and I put a screenshot I think in the apex thread showing xmp booting perfect. But I really didnt do anything after that. I cant really remember 4133 kit, but I think I have some cold subs I can find. I setup the thread hastily so I will get as many photos and screenshots as I can after work. Either way this is all the stuff I was personally using for benching so none of it is junk or rejects or something like that. I try hard to take good care of my stuff. I know it looks dusty but only because nothing has moved. Will definitely clean everything before sending.
  7. Since the cpu is little I should be able to include shipping. I am not in a rush, I can hold for you.
  8. I honestly sadly never tried. I paid $1500 for it and pretty much took a break right after I did. It's exactly as it came from hazzan. I saw 6850mhz personally on my system cr15 but that was it. I also saw like 6950mhz gpupi but I was having some cold mem issues so it could be better. But since I didnt test much I dont want to guarantee anything. It was sold to me for $1500 as a 6835mhz cr15 chip.
  9. yes still available. I will also include 8 point mount. Just pm me address and we can talk. I think I still have original box but cant guarentee, have to tear apart my closet tonight.
  10. let me see how much shipping will be, will also upload the pics in a few hours.
  11. I have a bunch of stuff here that is just sitting around now. I might as well try and recoup some money back. venom cpu pot - $225 1 30L Dewar - $300 1 20L Dewar - $200 I also still have the 5 motherboards left 1 asus impact m8i - $150 1 asus IX Apex - $175 1 asus rampage v10 edition x99 - $300 1 gigabyte z270 soc gaming - $150 - (oc panel sold) 1 asus maximus 8 extreme - $300 1 Samsung SSD 120GB Evo 840 - $100 1 Dimastech Easy v3 - $150 1 Rockit Cool Delid Tool - $30 I am flexible on prices just to get rid of everything. Thanks to everyone who bought stuff and if any issues please let me know here. Thanks. Here are some dewar photos, I also forgot I have a bunch of ssd's, 1 250gb also not in photo. THIS IS THE 35L THIS IS THE 20L THIS IS THE DENTED ONE THAT IS PRETTY MUCH FREE FOR LOCAL PICKUP. THIS IS THE REALLY NICE 30L. SORRY FOR THE MESS, MOVING.
  12. i have one that I think does just about that, have to find the screenshots real quick
  13. i have the 580 evbot file that unlocks card if you need it. with that and ln2 bios switch on gpu, I had no limits.
  14. man that is amazing but I cant believe the price.
  15. hey if interested pm me. I have 4 you could choose from.
  16. hey I wanna get rid of all my stuff. I have a tek 9 fat pot, venom and f1 dark extreme. I have all mounting gear and accessories and boxes. I also have heater backplate for the cpu pots. Also just in case interested I have 4 dewars and everything you would need for xoc. Let me know.
  17. I never said I hate the elite, I actually said I was trying to be one, I know this isnt about me so you were talking to everyone but I just wanted to clear that up. I actually was one for a little bit and tried really hard. I started owner's clubs at OCN when I got a sample and tried to post features everywhere I could and it wasnt enough, but that is ok, I am just talking. I was working 2 jobs trying to afford to overclock and couldnt handle everything at once. I guess I was really naive to the scene and really thought there was a chance to get involved with a competitive hobby. Also how do you know I couldnt go out to dinner and buy a car and cell phone. When I got up to #3 in the world, I had a negative bank account and it was exactly what I needed to do to get to that place and afford nitrogen and hardware, why you say that is a lie? How do you know how much I make. Of course I took it too far and should have had my priorities straight but I really loved the competition and I had to be completely broke to keep my ranking. Of course you can say who cares about ranking, but I did and really thought this would stay with me forever, but I couldnt keep up. Since you say this hobby is about passion and dedication, overclocking and learning on my own and getting involved and starting forum comps is enough to support that. Why go broke for a ranking nobody cares about? Seems really dumb to me now. But like I said, I was naive and now that I am not I have made changes. I wasnt complaining or trying to change anything or hating anyone. I stopped in after a few months and saw the thread and figured I would give my opinion because I shared some similar feelings. And I was only a little jealous because I love overclocking and hardware, not because the samples have monetary value. I have never sold a single sample. And I know you think you are the hardest worker and all that stuff but for years straight I dedicated every second I had to testing and learning and trying to get better. I was never just looking for a free handout, I respect what you guys do and tried to get there myself and maybe still might try. Sorry for the walls of text but been thinking about it a lot lately since it was such a huge part of my life for years and now it's not. I guess I am just reflecting.
  18. i definitely have the same feeling also but I guess maybe that's what it's supposed to be because all the big players seem happy, so I guess things are going the way people want. we still have the extreme league and I also feel dumb complaining because if I had the chance I would do the same thing and did try. I am probably just envious. at least all the 7980 xe were es so that doesnt effect extreme league, sort of like a natural scaling i dont even know what im saying, been up all night, i can see it from both perspectives. i just think i do really care about hwbot and the community and want to see it grow. It will be really sad when hwbot consists of 20 people in elite league just trading wr's. Im going to start getting back into the forum comps, at least i have more control and it's where I always had the most fun. First time freezing 780 ti kpe I didnt even know what hwbot was and only took screenshots to record gpu clock, and to this day it was the most fun session I have ever had, and the most I ever enjoyed overclocking, it was all down hill from there, haha, jk. I guess some people, oops meant wallets, just get burnt out and need a break.
  19. Well I know you werent talking about just him but it's funny you replied to him because Rauf has always brought up things that he noticed were crappy, just wanted to say, not being sarcastic. I definitely lost motivation for competitive overclocking, just want to do for fun now. I definitely couldnt keep up. It was my dream to have fun overclocking and get involved with elite league but if you cant get first place scores and dont have a great audience you will not get past the first sample. I just cant pay to play anymore. It's so crazy I can actually afford life things now, I finally have a phone and car and things I like, can go out to dinner. It was too much for me to sacrifice those things for a competitive hobby that's not competitive, but I really did have to, if I wanted to compete even in extreme league. Especially if you arent in the clique of passed around tweaks. I think it's sad because I really wanted things to get bigger and more popular. also definitely not posting this to try and change anything, been around long enough to know better, just figured I was bored and would share. It's funny typing this as I see the world record notifications out of the corner of my eye. Man they are really rolling in, my email is going crazy. But the notifications are cool. Gives a chance for lesser known people to get exposure and have people check out there #1 globals and wr's.
  20. Either way we cant have people continue to break the rules no matter what happened in the past. Someone got caught and needs to suffer the consequences if true. If we want to move forward we just have to handle it this way from now on and try and forget past mistakes. And thank Splave for catching it. but I was definitely frustrated by cinebench also, mainly because I didnt get to use it, haha.
  21. Ya scamming really sucks. Can really throw off your benching plans if on a budget. I spent all my kaby money on a $1200 cpu that came with 3 cracks and never did it's rated speed. Didnt have enough to buy another one after that and just got frustrated and took a long break. Really un-motivates you.
  22. I dont think this has anything to do with leagues, if he was elite I am sure hwbot would do the same thing. It's also not like he is just some random newcomer. He has been around for awhile and has had some really good scores and did good in a lot of comps and was just #1 and ranked really high for a long time. So I dont think people can make the argument they are banning him because he is a lesser known extreme bencher. I just think it sucks that people look for these loop holes for their own advantage, now all his scores are going to be looked at funny. It's hard to separate the talent from the cheat once it happens even 1 time. Even if 99% of the subs are legit. Like Jon Jones with PED's. Once you open that door everyone will be skeptical about past and future.
  23. There was a lot of newer type people that didnt know if this was ok and if nobody tells you it's ok and is hiding it then I think it is similar. But I guess since there was a lot of people doing it, people think it's not as bad but it's still frustrating for people trying to learn how things work around here. I guess this cheat falls under tricking the benchmark to believe it finished faster or altering the time it takes to complete, which makes this a a definite violation of the rules, but man tweaks/cheats can be really tough to determine for people that arent completely familiar with software tweaking. Makes things really frustrating to know most people straddle the line very close and find the strangest tweaks that I wouldnt even know to try, or even know that they were ok to try.
  24. sorry man, you definitely dont deserve something like that. That sucks. I hope you can somehow get the money back. Well unless he can come here and make things right, @NCspecV81 will never be welcomed here or trusted.
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