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  1. ya after that happened I have been installing turbo vcore first right after chipset and mei and it never happened again.
  2. That used to happen to me a couple times, I thought I read somewhere my ssd was bad, so I changed ssd and it didnt happen, but then I used the other ssd again and it stopped happening. Did you install rog connect first? from now on I always install turbo vcore first and it has never happened again.
  3. it's not available for purchase at the moment, hoping one day. It's an amazing device with a lot of cool features. I saw they made a huge one also, would be cool to see that in person.
  4. Too bad you arent close to me I would pick you up on the way. either way we can try and plan it so I can pick you up and drop you off at the airport and you can save on some transportation costs. I have a durango, so I can bring you a dewar to use and you can share some of my stuff. I was worried about affording it but if I can drive and share a room, cost wont be much. I was so disappointed missing last year, I have to go. I still have never met anyone in person. I see how much closer people get after they meet in person so I am excited to go to my first event. I feel left out sometimes.
  5. yes I believe that's right, but I have seen some novice nimble comps and you can submit to any competitions that fit your hardware. You can also submit the scores to hwbot without going thru the comp. I know it's not as fun but you still get in the database and you get to sub your scores.
  6. take this and replace the one in inspector folder https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-E2IRjLOeFwV0JkOUJZbE5LVUU
  7. just so you know, you dont need the ps2 y cable for this board. Ps2 keyboard and mouse work perfectly in any os on there own ports, really nice feature.
  8. well I know websmile just said that ambient and extreme will be lumped together in the ranking but will be divided for prizes, so since you are in extreme you can submit with any cooling you want at any speed you want. Thats all i know.
  9. oh ok, sorry not trying to be annoying, just wanted to help. I know you live far but I could flash it for you if you sent it to me.
  10. are you trying to flash it from the epower evbot port, because that is not possible even once connected to the 285. I didnt realize this is what you were doing. Epower wont work with evbot flash tool no matter what card it's connected to, even 680 and beyond. I thought you were trying to flash evbot from the 285 evbot port. you should have flashed the evbot to the epower firmware with the 285 before making the zombie
  11. I dont know man, I have flashed with my 580 about 20 times, maybe they meant 580 and then it makes sense. Its the main reason I bought my 580, to always have an evbot flash tool. Did you install driver first? I have a 285 classy here but my evbot screen is blank and is broken so I cant test. There is a thread here where natchfalke posted the volt mods for me, they are pretty easy. http://forum.hwbot.org/showpost.php?p=455785&postcount=5
  12. There was some sort of trick I used to have to do sometimes, like putting evbot into flash mode before opening the flash tool. Or the other way around Also make sure you install 285 nvidia driver first otherwise wont work.
  13. I hope so, that is what I just bought, 2gb gddr5, I want to try 1gb version also to see if mem clocks much better.
  14. here you go https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-E2IRjLOeFwYjIzM0p0eGxNWEU
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