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  1. just in case you cant find one i have brand new 1080 ti never used but opened, will sell used.
  2. where did you go. I have become really good friends with the guys at general welding, I could help you get a good deal. I would love to find someone to bench with on LI. I never really have enough money for the meets. I benched with 1 guy sorta close when I first started and it turned out terrible but it was because of him not me, I promise, haha. I havent benched for awhile, just waiting on a good x299 board. It's really funny the driver from general welding texted me yesterday asking where I been, made me sad. need to start again. They are really great there. I have a ton of parts and dewars we could use. I get the 180L delivered from them for a great price. You should definitely be in there delivery range. I am in nassau county.
  3. sorry for the delay, here is a screenshot for the one I just got, I will also forward you an email. The cr15 from a few days ago was a bit bigger but not readable, it's not a big deal because there is a direct link, I just thought I would mention. it's really cool when your working and out of the corner of your eye you see the outlook notification pop up and catch world record, makes it exciting to go see and open it, and I think gives another good avenue of exposure.
  4. looks like a really cool feature to help promote gfp and world records. One thing I see is that the screen shot is hard to read/see in my outlook if it was meant to be read from the email. But there is a direct link in the email which is nice.
  5. me too if it can help them get made
  6. I think xtu has to say 5ghz and cpuz can say up to 5003mhz. not sure if correct. I thought only hedt can use higher cache then multi but maybe they just throw that in there to cover everything, unless someone has a board that does that.
  7. im definitely having the worst year of my life. My truck broke down last night, going to try and rent a car today. What time are you leaving? Will pm now.
  8. oh wow didnt realize, that's amazing, thanks for letting me know.
  9. i live on long island and could meet in the city. That would be huge. I have a 1998 Dodge Durango I was thinking of driving down but it's got 280,000 miles on it and no A/C, so it wont be fun. I would just have to figure out a place to stay thursday night and then we have the shared room for friday saturday. Also thanks everyone who pitched in on the room, I feel so bad, I feel like such a bum, but this community is really great to be part of. thanks a lot. i will pm you
  10. I will probably use my apex board but I have a m8e already insulated and a m8i insulated and I also soldered the oc panel to it, so it's a fun board for cold. You could use one. I also have a gigabyte z270 gaming soc. m8e and m8i need kaby bios. I also have extra monitor and periphs I can bring.
  11. i'll trade a really amazing blow dryer for that board, haha. amazing job lately, that board looks amazing.
  12. I really think I might be ok in my truck. it's tough for me right now, company cut back on overtime and havent been able to bench much. My truck gets about 10 miles to the gallon so gas, food and parking will be all I can probably afford. But in return I have 4 dewars, thermos's, extra cpu pot, 2 oc panels, with extra temp sensor. Some extra boards, m8e, m8i, m9a, rve 10, x99 champ, if anyone wants to try sub zero and doesnt have board, they are all insulated, I also have a decent i3 and 7700k, also extra 7700k I never tried but someone is welcome to it. wish I would have taken better care of my older gpus but I have some also. Since I would drive I have a lot of room.
  13. i have 4 small dewars, 35, 2-30's and 20l. I will bring them, would also have 1 cpu pot left for someone to share. Just hoping I make it, I really dont have enough to get a room by myself. I might just get there saturday morning and just have to figure out somewhere to stay saturday night, might just sleep for a couple hours in truck, haha
  14. it doesnt show up in device manager, have you tried things like putting evbot into flash mode before opening the flash tool, or opening program first then putting in flash mode, there was something funny like that I had to do a couple times, i havent done it for a long time, having trouble remembering. try some wierd stuff like that also cant remember if important but did you use the mb port all the way on left side of evbot
  15. hopefully i can afford this, hopefully jason still wants to share room. i really want to meet u guys and hang out and also learn at the same time. man i wish it was this weekend. i am sitting in a hotel in ohio traveling for work and have a rental car. hopefully i have enough money in time. anyone benching in ohio right now, haha, i miss my hardware.
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