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  1. but everyone in extreme will go down also, if they have that score. so as long as everyone in extreme is in the same boat, I feel like it doesnt matter what goes on in the other boat, as long as we are all affected equally. I dont know, it's just the way I try and look at it, but I do understand your point.
  2. ya but your ranking only competes against the extreme and not elite. So yes point total will be less but it's still a fair playing field in extreme. It's not like a couple extreme members will be using es in extreme. It's just the points totals will be different, which actually makes sense. it's like the points naturally scale with league. I definitely want to move back to extreme.
  3. ya this community is not always easy to try and be a part of. The members pick and choose who they like and who they want to help and share stuff with. if you dont know every tweak you are just sort of thrown to the side and nobody cares. Even if you always share everything you know with everyone who asks (Even if you dont know a lot) but I must say massman and hwbot have been really nice to me. I feel excluded by a lot of members more than hwbot itself.
  4. nice job, this platform looks like so much fun. do these cpu's go full pot like skylake?
  5. well I originally edited my bios so I could go over 1900mhz, so I thought that was the issue and so I tried flashing back the original while I was cold and that didnt help. But I should have thought of trying a different bios than the one on the card, I have never had a bios effect my score by almost 100% so I didnt even think about it, it's a good thought. I should have spent more time testing.
  6. with the money we save on rooms it works out. I would be sharing a room with jason and since I am driving I could probably try and pick some people up from the airport also. Not that I want to cut out Corsair but I have been learning sometimes it's fun to do things on your own, because you have nobody to answer to and can just have fun instead of working, even if it is more expensive. The amount of stress I put on myself for a free board, because I dont want to disappoint is not fun, especially when you have 2 jobs and a kid. You just end up feeling guilty the whole time.
  7. ya I was just so frustrated that I was doing so bad I didnt even take a screeny. If I came in 2nd I was going to donate the board to you guys since gigabyte already sent me one, so I was also not trying for lucky draw. I only pre-tested on air for ice storm because I am so familiar with catzilla, and I just didnt notice the score, I figured once my clocks were ln2 clocks it would be ok, but I forgot how small these scores scale with clocks on these type of cards. I figured I was missing a ice storm tweak but that wasnt it, once I saw Cat score. I looked up a stock gt 710 cat 720p score and it was like 2200 and at close to 2k core 1450 mem I was getting about 2900, couldnt even crack 3k. Seems really odd. Seems in line with a 710. Should have taken screenshots to show you guys, but everything in gpuz window was normal.
  8. man this comp was such a fail for me. It's like my card is gt710 performance in a gt730 body and label. i thought my issue was not knowing ice storm tweaks. but last night at 2k core 6.5cpu my cat score was around 2900, which actually lines up with gt 710. Not sure what is going on. After ice storm fail I did a new clean os and I had all tweaks applied but that wouldnt make my score double anyway. All gpuz info lined up with gt 730. But that seems wierd 2 different benches with 2 different os's were about half. And all 2d performance is fine. Really disappointed, spent so much time modding and benching, but I guess it's all part of the game. so dumb I used 2 epowers, didnt even gain like 1mhz with epower on memory.
  9. wow incredible, love to see when you post scores after all the work you do behind the scenes.
  10. i know it's annoying but try a different drive, that what I did the first time it happened and the new drive worked, but the wierd thing is later the bad drive worked again, so not sure if it's the drive, just saying what I ended up doing, and it never happened again.
  11. sorry man, went thru same exact crap, I am fine with catzilla but ice storm was my first time. Something of mine might be dead also, mobo wasnt booting at the end, hoping it was just wet, but I benched for so long trying to get icestorm to be better. I felt so crappy when I woke up sunday, I was up until 7am saturday.
  12. Man ice storm was so frustrating for me, first time running it. I was doing 2000core, 1450 mem 6.5 cpu, and I could only score 100k, I had lod tuned, custom res as low as I could go. I should have saved the 100k run for lucky draw but I was so dissapointed and I was benching for about 6hrs, and finally got wet issues and had no score. I just forgot to anticipate such a small scaling with clock speed so pretesting I figured my score would be ok once core was high. Software can be so frustrating, I spent so much time getting ready and wasted my whole weekend and had nothing to show for it. I guess I will do catzilla for fun to show my clock speeds. Card was a ton of fun though, was benching fine up to -140c and I stopped at 2000 core because of my score
  13. honestly it was mostly just for fun. I did the volt mods first but my memory sucks so I figured I would try to improve it a bit, once I did the mem I figured why not do the core. Helps me practice on cheaper gpu also. The new epower will def come in handy with a mem rail.
  14. I cant believe I need 7 power plugs for a tiny gt 730, haha, not sure if it will help but it's fun practicing soldering and learning as much as I can, I know it's late but the volt mod is in the photo above, top one is core, 20k vr and bottom one is mem, I used a 20k vr at 15k. They are both pin 6. found some nice vcore and ground on back
  15. good luck with the dice, going to try cold tonight, will let you know if I get same cb
  16. ya hoping cold will help. Hey have you ever tried 2 epower's. Is it possible to get the grounds crossed when using 2 on one card. or does it not matter? Maybe it's a dumb question but I dont have a lot of electrical knowledge
  17. ya I think we have same card, i epowered mem last night to test, did some shrr shrr around both sides of thru hole and cap area, have some nice spots. i forgot to set dip switches though and was mad because when i booted up there were tons of artifacts, but i was only at like 1.05v so that was the reason, hopefully i can squeeze a few more mhz. might try 2 epowers. but I get worried about crossing the grounds from each epower. Not sure what that would cause or if it matters.
  18. my memory stinks, wish I would have went with 1gb card. I have samsung mem but 1450 is max at 1.55v, adding voltage doesnt help. Gonna try and epower the memory tonight. It's cool I took my tek 9 fat brkt and put 1 screw in the farthest hole and 1 screw diagonally across but in the closer hole and if I tilt the pot a tiny bit the screws fit perfectly and I can mount it with 2 screws.
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