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  1. are there any kaby lake ihs's left? Would like to claim 1 if possible.
  2. ok sent it, let me know if have any trouble, all voltages are unlocked, but I remember when applying memory voltage my evbot used to say failed, but while measuring you can see change is applied, everything else works like normal.
  3. i have it somewhere in my emails, pm me email and will forward
  4. also everyone makes mistakes. the only reason I was laughing and commenting on your score is because you went into kingpins score, one of the best multi gpu benchers there is and said you were better than him and didnt even need ln2 to beat him.
  5. but you still wouldnt have had first place, there are subs with higher gpu clocks and higher graphics score. you can run timespy now for points. heaven is a decent bench to run with your cpu but cpu clocks will still play important role. there is also a ton of database on firestrike ultra to compare your scores with.
  6. you entered it with the graphics score, you are very far from his score, didnt the difference make you realize. You are close to 30,000 points away, you used wrong cpu.
  7. hahahaha, "wtf is this nana" oh man that killed me, that was really funny.
  8. awesome card, looks brand new, still really great for legacy and gaming.
  9. ok cool thanks. I heard it could help with some efficiency on some benches so wanted to give it a try, should have tried on air first. I'm really glad that safety is in place because I probably would have damaged my new cpu.
  10. im not trying to bench the igp, just trying to use it as display while benching, but cant see how possible on apex.
  11. no they fluctuate a lot. Like today if I score 50 points for a hardware first place and tommorrow someone beats it than I lose about 10 points, depending on what second place is worth, then your points will adjust. Also competition points are removed a year after the comp. Your top 20 hardware and top 15 global and top 10 comp points make up your points. so if one of your top scores moves down or up your final point total will change. it is also possible a score is blocked and you would lose points that way. But when that happens you will always receive an email telling you which score was blocked and why.
  12. does manually setting gen 2 in bios help at all? I havent gotten to 3d yet on Apex.
  13. if you go to your profile and then go down to your wall tab and points tab you can see changes to your points. Are you in any comps that you changed places in, did you have any nice global or hardware places that could have moved down? It doesnt always have to mean that a sub was removed. Points fluctuate daily.
  14. does anyone have trouble benching with igp after enabling ln2 mode. When I hit like -40c I lose display when enabling ln2 mode. Is there something I have to be careful with when using igp for benching, for 2d. I remember some igp's dying but cant remember why. I remember it was high core pll that was killing the igp, and elmors guide says core pll max is 1.6v when using igp. So how do people bench 2d using igp?
  15. I dont know, I think it's some sort of bug but I am a little software challenged. I went thru exactly what you did and was so happy I found that app, maybe there is a better way but it's the only thing that worked for me. Plus it works without internet. Glad you got it going.
  16. I would use the program, all you do is open the program and point the installer to the place they show which is your usb drive with the install media and then it's done in like 2 min or less. All you do is open the program and click the drive letter where the install media is under installation settings and then click start installation and it does it for you. it's like 1-2min. The program is that first link in my google drive, the second link is instructions but just do what I listed above. So - download program -open program -under "Select windows install media" click on the drive letter where your usb drive is plugged in. (must still be plugged in) You shouldnt have to touch the second drop down, it should change itself once you select the drive letter in first drop down. - then click start installation I think I downloaded the program because I had same trouble as you. It was the only thing that helped me.
  17. This program works really nice, you need to have your install media plugged in and point to where it says on the link. So download from first link and read second link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-E2IRjLOeFwYUhPYWhwcXgwWGs Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Offline Installer for Windows 8 and Later - AskVG Or you can mount or extract your iso and use command line which shows you commands at bottom of this link. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2785188/how-to-enable-.net-framework-3.5-on-windows-8-in-offline-mode I didnt use the above installer websmile posted because I didnt want internet but if you already installed internet than that might be easier. I feel like it didnt work for me but I might be remembering wrong.
  18. I had same thing, maximus tweak 1 helped me get thru 3f and get to windows but then I had trouble getting into windows, so going to try a new imc and some different mem this weekend. I just think my imc or mem couldnt handle it. Hopefully new sticks are better.
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