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  1. looks good to me, those percentages equal 100% and the total votes equals 192 which it says, whats wrong?
  2. voted. the build pops up when clicking on link, definitely looks the best.
  3. thanks man, and sorry to mention it on your score thread. It's a great score, amazing efficiency
  4. man that is so frustrating. I even removed the d508 component and I dont lose power at -65c but now I just lose display. I am so depressed right now. My titan x is a failure and My 1080 ti was all modded and ready to go and for some reason it's stuck at x4, I tried everything, other cards work fine. I spent like 180L trying to bench my titan xp. I'm so frustrated. Now my 6950x is due back in a week so my 3d benching is over. It's my favorite thing and I have $2000 in cards and nothing is fun or works. Happy for hotrod though that he found a good one. I wonder if flashing a working cards bios would help?
  5. wow that's so weird. good for you. mine shuts down at exactly -65c. my titan x ran ful pot and my 1080 ti runs full pot for hours but not txp, at least for me
  6. nice score. you wont be able to push much higher, the cards shutdown at -65c. i lose power, i removed the leg from the thermal protection component but now I dont lose power at -65c but I lose display. this card is really disappointing for xoc. i cant figure out time spy though. at 2250mhz I am only scoring like 12700 graphics score
  7. wow the inside of your pot looks crazy, did you have that done to a venom.
  8. I just bought a used hwbot venom pot, wonder if it was yours, haha. it was like brand new. I couldnt figure it out. There was tape on it and all I could see was HW but I didnt want to remove the tape and I never knew they made a few hwbot versions, so I couldnt figure out what it said and why mine had weird letters on it. The tape was so nice I didnt want to mess with it. That EK Pot is a nice starter pot, that was really nice of Jason, he is a really nice guy. Always willing to help.
  9. what do you have the mouse and keyboard plugged into? I dont remember seeing usb emulation in the bios, so if it doesnt have that you would need to use ps/2 mouse and keyboard or I have been using a pcie usb 2.0 card which works great, I found for $6 on amazon. Or maybe you can load the asmedia 3.0 port during the F6 and have 1 working usb during install or get a usb hub, I saw the option to load asmedia driver during the first step, didnt try it though because have pcie card. Or if there is usb emulation, it has to be enabled and using the correct usb ports. will check for emulation when I get home. But your issue is normal, just have to work around it.
  10. ya I here ya, I am sure someone knows of some good cheap ones. I just only tested those. But they are too much. I usually just bought them when buying other stuff, like when I got ek memory pot and tek 9 fat.
  11. man that sounds really exciting, hope you guys have fun and everything goes as planned.
  12. nice clocks, pretty amazing you made the cascade and single stage and vrm section, who needs ln2. haha
  13. which thermometer do you have, it could be just the probes. these are the probes I bought to use with oc panel and they work down to full pot, but they are expensive. https://www.amazon.com/Fluke-80PK-1-Bead-Probe/dp/B00011Q5PW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493065010&sr=8-3&keywords=fluke%2Bthermometer%2Bk%2Btype%2Bprobes&th=1 I also have the ones from ek and sf3d and they work to full pot. Also the ones on kpc store work full pot. not sure about thermometers though, in almost 4 years I have only used oc panel, it might be slow compared to a fluke but it works fine with full pot temps and never had trouble with it. It allows me to put a number on my cold bug, keep within a range under load and does the job
  14. need a little more than shunt mod, titan xp has cold shutdown at -60c, also voltage drops a bit when going under 0c.
  15. only for gpupi and hwbot x265, that's all I can think of, it's all in the rules, it is considered same as haswell and broadwell, but no xtu for amd
  16. I think I found one, it's the one some companies put that little circle paper over and I screwed into the paper, but I pulled the paper out with a tweaser and it looks pretty new, I just cant remember what card it's from but it looks exactly the same, you can have it for shipping.
  17. nice job man, I cant decide if I should bench mine has anyone seen anything weird with the power readings on 1080 ti or txp, after doing power mod, precision x and afterburner still read same value, gpuz is fine though.
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