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Der8auer's Guide for Haswell-E 4GHz+ Uncore (For All Motherboards)


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It works on retail 5820K, tried both mods. For 2nd mod I did it without external power device. Just connect it to VDDR MOSFET or coil and your VDDR = you "uncore signal voltage".



Before mod: 3700MHz

After Easy 4G mod: 4100MHz

After 4G+ mod: 4500MHz (1.6Vddr = 1.6V "uncore signal voltage")


This CPU is capped at 4500, test on X99-DELUXE, will have to try with my 5960X.

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I cannot see this not working for a 5930k.


Can ANYBODY verify? I have a window fogger repair kit I used for 775 BSEL mods. I'm sure it will work just fine for the lazy mod. Looking for 4ghz+, at 3.6ghz right now and it's just not enough.




EVGA Motherboard.... never again. Solid (very solid), but lacking in options.

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