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  • 3 weeks later...


I'm not sure if this is a Rev6 thing, or HWbot in general.


I just got a new email today that theres a ROG competion happening. Awesome.

Check the website, it started 5 days ago.




Could we maybe have an email when an event is created, or started, not a week after the fact?


This isn't limited to this one event, all emails from oc/hwbot are days/week after the fact for notification of new competitions.


Oh look, new MOA is happening at Computex, just got my email, check ocesports.io... announced like two days ago. :(


To fix this, can I suggest we move away from emails, and look at some other methods? RSS Feed, Pushbullet notifications, etc.?


Actually, RSS feed on all the comps would be ace, I can feed that into ifttt.com and make my own notifications.

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Here is some pictures.


1) The picture number 1 show the general overview of points awarded in the last week.

2) The picture number 2 shows the global points, but if you look for the G3258 points awarded in the general overview...are not there.

3) The picture number 3 shows the same problem, but with hardware points.

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  • Crew

Very quick suggestion, definetly on a more esthetic level and mostly for the new comers.

Can the rules be summup in Icons ?


I know it might sounds ridiculous, but we always for almost all competition hear something about the rules not easy etc...


Note : Even thos I am 150% conviced that integrated submissions and not having the need for screenshot would be the best solution overall. Integrate + less step to just get the verificaton.


NB : this is not priority of course :D


Enjoy :)

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  • Crew

Another esthetical suggestions :


For Competitions that have Timed rules (like multi-stage but different time), a graphical overview similar at the Schedule but only related to the competition below the content on the overview page.


This can also be used as a small overview ( really thin) on top of the page juste below the overview, and each stage page.

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