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The official Gigabyte Core Prime contest! thread.

Christian Ney

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Gee buy a gigabyte board to win a gigabyte board... If I had a board maybe... Maybe if the prizes were better.....


I can't see the "use a Gigabyte-Mainboard" requirement this time, is it simply a mistake, am I going blind or are you allowed to use any motherboard this time?


I think most sense would be to allow all boards, otherwise the prizes are some kind of stupid. If I won a competion with me state-of-the-art Gigabyte board, I don't need another one. But if I used an Asus board (just for example) and would win a new Gigabyte-Board I could try this next time ^^

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Honestly I do not stay clear. If I have a I7 875K, this rise in the category of 4 cores (without HT). O in the category of 6 cores with ht.

With a I3 530 or I5 655K compete in 2 cores without ht?


Again - hyperthreading is a feature of the CPU.


875K = 4-cores (with HT)

530/655K = 2-cores (with ht)

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