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Teams joining to get to No.1... Xibit's idea?


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Nothing funny; this looks to be serious business. Rumors go Fugger got kicked off the XS team and KP stepped up to convince Gautam to re-instate Fugger's account.


Is it allowed for Gautam to remove Fugger from the team? Will that affect their relationship? Why does Kingpin, member of Pure, step up? What are his motives? How come Gautam listens to Kingpin and not Fugger? Will this have repercutions for the team rank and team spirit? Will Fugger's long lost twin brother suddenly show up and date the woman he thinks is his aunt but is in reality his half-sister? Will Kingpin try to shoot at Gautam, but miss, fall down from a cliff while Gautam stretches his arm to reach KP?



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