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Proposal: Subs with old graphic cards need additional verification


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  • Crew

The situation is that the generations which are older than Geforce and Radeon are extremely bad supported by GPU-Z.

We often dont know about Memory Size, Memory Bus, stock frequencys or overclocked frequencys. If there are any information shown at all.

Some people know about that and use Rivatuner, Powerstrip or even 3DMark sysinfo. But none of them show any useful details which are necessary to pick the right category for the cards.

So in the end we have a very difficult situation. Users dont know which card to select from our db and mods have therefore a hard time too making the right choice if things need to get moderated.

The best solution would be to get GPU-Z in a working condition. But it doesnt look like the author does pay much attention to those old cards.


So I found it extremely useful to download everest220 home edition. It is just a small 4Mb download and shows all we need.


I would really vote for updating the rules for 3DMark01 and under and Aquamark and making everest mandatory on the verification screenshot.

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  • Crew

The reason for my proposal were bugs with Rage 128 cards, basically GPU-Z always identified wrong specs. Its showing wrong bus width, means 32 bit vs. 16 bit and sometimes detected DDR Ram. While all cards have sdram or sgram. Also clock speeds weren't detected.

The difference can be seen here, although I would need to recheck with a new version of GPU-Z


A VR cant have more than 64 bit or having DDR Ram. GPU-Z was simply completely bugged and ruined our rankings. Its hard to tell if they changed something in between or if if they were correct in early versions. Rankings look strange, results varying from 500 to 2000 points in 3DMark01 in the same category.


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On 2/4/2021 at 9:11 PM, Mr.Scott said:

Need a HWB liaison to contact Wizzard at TPU and tell him exactly what you want. He is willing to make the changes in GPUz, just needs to know what all the problems are.

I have mentioned this many times at TPU but could not answer all of his questions. 

Yes looks like a once-off fix too because we're not getting any more misidentified cards, just a fixed number of old ones with the problem.

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