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4790k very low...

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XTU is all about efficiancy of memory and tight timings, voltage used for core speed, cooling efficiantcy or lack thereof etc. You must be thermal throttling at 99 - 100C so scores will be similar since its running at lower speed, using close to 1.5v to run 4900mhz is not great and the memory timings have serious issues for good xtu or other memory centric tests such as GeekBench 3 and 32m Super Pi. You need to be using PSC based or Samsung based ic'sthat can run tWCL=6 and Dram ref cycle at 112 or less, frankly your secondary and tertiary timings are bad. You should be seeing a lot more 4's and 5's and you only have like two of them that low. You must be using hynix based ic ram and that is only good for max frequency and make sure the dimms are not single sided. Other ic options that can run tight timings are Elpida bdbg, bbse and hyper. Find a way to be effeciant and you will score the same using far less cpu speeds

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I was -70C and got a crappy xtu score.Tell me again how it was throttling.

edit: It appears LucikMucik is experiencing thermal throttling.Stop cookin' your cpu,dude.

You can get a crappy score even if you're not overheating your cpu.Overheating it just makes it worse.

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