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kingpin pots, watercooling gear, caselabs s8 case, GT fans.


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Hello guys, another day another sale.


my heatware - http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=92588


payment - paypal verified members only.


shipping - I cover 100% shipping costs to the US48



1. Caselabs Mercury s8 with pedestal -


Case is in like new condition with the exception of having a couple drilled holes to allow for tubing routing, fortunately these holes are drilled in parts that cost very little to replace from caselabs, or you can remove them all together and they wont have any impact on anything else. Ships in its original box with all original mounting hardware and accessories.


exact configuration of the case can be found here http://i.imgur.com/6EEYgko.png

comes with 3 extra 360 radiator mounts and this pedestal http://www.caselabs-store.com/pedestal-mercury-s8-and-s8s/ with the ventilated cutout instead of blank.


total price of everything new is $718.75 without shipping (usually another $40-$60 depending on where you live.


my asking price is $565 shipped to anywhere in the US48.













5. Two HWlabs Black Ice Nemesis GTX 360 radiators.


Painted satin black, not the dark matter finish that comes with most black ice nemesis radiators. Each comes with 12 30mm m4 screws for mounting 3 fans to them. No leaks, no bent fins, no flaws on the radiators, basically like new. Does not include the plugs pictured below.


Asking $85 EACH RADIATOR, if you buy both the price is $150, thats $20 off if you buy both.





Thanks for viewing

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not stopping benching, i got different pots for really cheap so im sell these pots/gear for really cheap.


yes i did get banned from OCN lol, bitemarks was basically stalking me looking for any reason to ban me, guess i gave him too many reasons :P oh well it happens.

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lol :P im not holding anything against OCN. it was my fault i got banned lol. I put in an appeal to get unbanned but i doubt itll go through, the mods there really dislike me, oh well such is life. hope all is well with you over in france.

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