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UK Bench Meet, Sheffield February 26th – 28th

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1000L of LN2, some of the UKs best benchers and a weekend of fun. The first official UK bench meet in over 2 years is happening in Sheffield on the weekend of the 26th of February.


This is a simple BYOC bench meet held at the portal in Sheffield, a well established LAN venue. This means that we will also have plenty of gaming going on over the course of the weekend for those who are not interested or just wish to take a break from benching.


Max capacity for the event is 30 benchers with room for another 30 gamers.


Price is £30 for LN2 benching and LAN whilst LAN only is £20.


We will be offering help and advice over the course of the weekend for those who are new to LN2 benching and may require some assistance in getting started. We will also have some spare parts such as LN2 pots, thermometers, PSUs, RAM etc but please bring what you can as parts are limited.


Any questions then please feel free to email me at: lewishardware@hotmail.com



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I pretty much got the word that I will not be able to make this. Fiance and I want to take one last trip before she changes jobs and we're thinking Asia.


Sorry Lewis... :( I'll keep it in mind in case plans change. GL :cheers:


Just glanced at this and read "Asda" and thought, this guy knows how to treat his woman :D

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I'm going. I have a great big pile of CPUs I wanna try benching but I'm not sure which to take so I'm taking suggestions. I have these to play with:


i7 4790K (I do have board for it and it validates 5.4Ghz at 1.625V on 10C water so I imagine it might be pretty good with LN2)

FX 9590 (I really want to break 7Ghz with this chip after my 8320E got stuck at 6.8Ghz)

Athlon II X3 460 (the chip might have a brken IMC but if it works I really want to do 3 core cinebench)

Phenom II X4 965 BE (If I bring the FX then I'm bring this too to get HW points)


I guess I could bring them all since It's only an hour of travel for me by train to get to the venue.

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Stuck at 6.8GHz on LN2? That seems really low, what board were you using?


970 Gaming. I was getting 1.8V on DMM running 2 core. I really doubt that 200mv more with a little less riple would help much. Sure with something like a Sabertooth or CHVZ it could probably hit 7.1-7.2Ghz but that's still in the lowend for the FX chip validations.

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I even found the sabertooth to be a poor board. Honestly there is a very good chance though you were getting power issues with that board and those kinds of voltages, they do draw a substantial amount at high speeds. Bring it along and I'll see if I can get my CHV working for you :)


I had the +12V to the board on a current clamp I wasn't getting anyhting insane as far as average power draw goes. Cinebench was worse at 300W+ and other than the fact that the board dropped to 1.775V core voltage it was doing just fine.


I'll bring the Saber anyway. If it doesn't do well and your CHV works I'll switch to that.

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What PSU were you using for it?


Sam did a comparison a few years ago and best PSU Vs least good PSU accounted for over 1GHz in CPU-Z (Netburst CPU) ....and none of the PSUs were really bad quality.


I used this thing: http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/CoolerMaster/G550M/


it's by no means powerful but at 1% voltage deviation and 30mv ripple on +12V it's as tight as some of the top end PSUs. Not enough power would just be an OCP trip on the PSU. I never tripped OCP even running cinebench. All crashes were software crashes.


If ambient performance says anything about LN2 performance then I think 4.7Ghz needing 1.525V says all you need to know about why 6.8Ghz was the most it would do. Sure I didn't give it the best possible chances but I wasn't running it on complete garbage.

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Question to those going....


Will anyone be arriving on Thursday evening? I A/ might be going and B/ might have missed out on cheap train tickets, so am looking at alternatives. Currently looks like i'll be arriving after 5pm. If Thursday, then I need someone to drink with. If Friday, I need someone to do nightshift with :D

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