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Lucky_n00b - HD Graphics 530 @ 1905/1922MHz - 3531 marks 3DMark11 - Performance


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So now that all is over... mind sharing how you didn't kill this? lol


Hahah, actually I did kill this one. Once I go past 1.82V on GT Voltage suddenly the IGP don't want to run at default.

But there's overclocker giving 1.9V on the GT and don't kill the GPU, I still wonder how..

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pretty impressive iGPU man :) did you test how high you can go on air? I mean how much can you gain from air to LN2?


Hi Roman, on Aircooling with 1.45V vGT, I found all three of my CPU got the same exact limit, 1450Mhz bench 3d11 but completely refused to run at 1500Mhz (maybe GT1 pass, but always fail later, maybe temperature?).


On cold the difference starts to show though, the 'bad' ones on LN2 -140C(pot temp) @ 1.7V GT gave me 1700Mhz and won't budge much from there(managed a 1750 on 1.82V but IGP died afterwards).


The only good chip on LN2 managed to hit 1750+ 3d11 on 1.7V vGT.

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