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Guest Bullant

Hey had to chance to get some X58 gear,was bit before my time in benching even tho I had this platform before I never knew much about OC.So I had it for very short time and done some lite test on air,will continue to post some air result then move onto cold cpu and cold PSC.....My goal as I don't own hypers and like freezing PSC is to see how good I can get PSC going on this platform under LN2....



Couple quick test all air PSC 1.65v,thinking when I try ln2 all should see nice boost on uncore as it seems to love uncore,also hoping PSC run 2400Mhz+ 6-8-6 with tighter subs,will post results as I do them.Is a really nice platform and im really liking this board,need to test some other bios as the first one I tried 0003 was having a few probem, tho this one im using is better







Water air...1.71v





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Guest Bullant

Had play today with cpu water and memory on SS -30,had few problems with channel dropping out,will test more when I have ln2.The PSC on LN2 should scale quite well


PSC -30 1.76v 2524MHz 6-10-6-28






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Just getting started on a bit of PSC fun on Bloomfield - not sure if the IMC is different compared to Gulftown? Threw in a random kit, I might have to switch to my best one as I was getting NOT EXACT@ 6-11-6 over about 1050 or with 6-10-6 above 1,000:


Any minor voltages that could help? I couldn't find DDR termination for example.

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I’m slightly older and wiser and have grabbed a RIIIE again to play with. I have looked in the hypers thread (I received back the same memory I sold 5 yrs ago) but also have 2 sets of PSC. The 1st is 6 sticks of Corsair (blue top triple channel 6gb) Dom 1600__8-8-8-24 v7.1 and Corsair Dom GT 2133__9-10-9-24 v7.1 ?

From the hypers thread, that is THE memory to use on the x58 boards. IIRC those top out at 1000 but the PSC’s will do 1200+. This will allow higher FSB 220+ for benching??


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