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Catzilla error

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No problem with X299 Gaming 9, i9-7900X, and 1080Ti running Catzilla neither on W7 or W10 here... Installed normally and could use my key without any problem... W10 was installed right on x299, W7 was used first on z170 and then put the SSD on X299..


W10 1440p: Alan_Alberino`s Catzilla - 1440p score: 24062 marks with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


W7 720P: Alan_Alberino`s Catzilla - 720p score: 64180 marks with a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


P.D: Ignore efficiency, I know it isn't the best :P

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Try to reinstall windows10. I thinking you have problem with drivers. My catzilla on X299 platform work correctly, without fault.


I just did a full install of Win 10 64bit, I believe it is the "Creator Update" iso on Z170 OC Formula and am getting Catzilla errors too. Even when installing through Steam (where I bought Advanced 4k code). I wonder whats happening ?







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this sucks guys - I'm getting the exact same problem with steam version and website version (purchased versions) on both of my benchmark machines that run Windows 10. One is a brand new installation so obviously there is something wrong. There are also a few forum posts on their website that go unanswered dealing with the same issue. It makes no sense that it's a driver issue when everything else works but Catzilla has an issue confirmed by many others...

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I'm fairly certain that the issue is caused by the hwinfo64.dll since I stuck a debugger on it and it seemed to suggest that was where it was getting hung up but of course I don't have the source code or all the symbols but I'm curious to why some people who had the same problem end up getting a working version by copying the program directory from another machine... ? Or maybe I read them wrong...

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