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EP45T-Extreme will not boot with wolfdales

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im actually having the same issue in my 45Textreme now with a E8400 Wolfdale, i took it out of the P35T-DQ6 (working perfectly) coz i could only get 570 bus from it in it, and to try in the extreme and same deal, no boot, havent tried a conroe tho yet Lewis, and i know the 45 T extreme board worked last bench and the cpu is supported for the board, either the board has developed an issue, or the cpu has died is all i can think of

tried 3 different cpus, same reaction, unplugged the 8 pin power supply to the board and i get LED lights and the card spins up, plugged i get nothing so theres a short somewhere, so the board has a problem somewhere, probably the vrm area, theyre weak board, when they go they go ok, they arent as strong as made out to be, this is the 2nd of these boards ive had and ill never buy one of these again,

i found my problem, hope yours isnt the same lewis, looks to me that somehow its blown the top right and bottom left corners off the NB chip, oh well , another one gone

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