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yosarianilives - FX-9590 @ 8006.7MHz - 8006.73 mhz CPU Frequency


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3 hours ago, MaddMutt said:
That's a very nice chip. How much do you want for it :) Ha Ha You are going to have some beautiful scores from that chip :)

Wouldn't trade this chip, lol. Didn't even have to bin for it. Bought it for $100 pre ryzen launch because of bent pins and just remembered that it did 4.9 on 1.37v on aio when looking at what hw I had for the all amd Ddr3 stage of tc. (hit temp limits because leaky, my 8320 ran same temps at 1.45v on same cooler) 

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5 hours ago, suzuki said:

Dunno how to appreciate Amd ,what would be the equivalent in intel of what he found (for example a 7700k  in freq ,for comparison sake :)) ).

Kinda hard to tell since I didn't even bench this chip properly. ie; no in OS OC, no pscheck, etc but probably would at least be a 7+ 32m and legacy chip in 7700k terms

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