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Idea - LIVE submission flag

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It's been on my mind since Computex 2019,

I talked to @Leeghoofd about it but I don't know where else to post it, so if this was not the right place to discuss please do move it, sorry.

( now that i think about it this supposed to be in the HWBOT development subforum, trying to find how to delete/move post but can't find it I see it has been moved, thanks! )


Would it be possible to add just one more 'flag' to a certain submission that has been done on LIVE setting? Just a Label on the submission is fine for starters.

There's 2 purpose for this:

1) I've looked around OC events and I noticed getting good score on live event / live demo was hard enough, I'm just thinking the scores or world record / GFP / HFP that has been made with these constraints at least deserves a recognition. 


2) The live scores sometimes has less than minimum validation SS (or even sometimes 'wrong' SS by hwbot standard rules) due to the time constraint, this 'LIVE' flag can be used so that it validates that at least a HWBOT mods (or someone acting as hwbot mods) are there physically to verify the score, maybe prevent unecessary reporting on later day or something.

Or maybe the scores was made on win10 on something that was not supposed to run on win 10.



Originally I would propose for small points multiplier (like 1.05x to 1.1x) for LIVE submission setting, but this will require a very strict definition of 'Live' setting, and will require the event to be 'hwbot-moderated' or something. I'm not opposed to making hwbot records 'official' like a Guiness record of sorts though, just don't know how to properly execute it, and if it's a proper direction for the community.

So a 'LIVE' label without points would be enough for now.













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The thought about this is that I wanted to introduce this several times (either a comment to the score "Judge approved live score" or a non reportable status or something similar) but this is hwbot and no one ever gives a damn about this. Better luck now for you

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The elite league status is not my problem if we talk about "extra-points" . I see more of a problem in the hardware you use partially not being your property as well as getting live support by vendors and other ocers on events like the world record stage, this make it very hard for me to determine why (if ever)there should be extra hardwarepoints for live events. On the other hand you can argue you don´t have this at oc world cup for example where you bench all alone, but special BIOS versions (we had this in the past), handbinned special mems etc are also involved, plus for these strict comps where you have the biggest pressure and benchmark alone you often have MHz cap which makes the results no records anyway and you get competition points anyway. Which leads back to why you should get more points for a live stage event when you make a supported bench-session for a vendor, get (binned) hardware, LN2, tipps by nick shih or shamino and so on.

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Nothing against the idea of flag or so for less official validation, but how about fixing the basic rankings before adding new features? The fundamentals of this site is flawed, database is not working correctly... 

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