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ground1556 - Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 5842MHz - 8min 5sec 766ms SuperPi - 32M


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6 minutes ago, macsbeach98 said:

Not Bad Ground I am more interested in the board is it a Premium or a Deluxe with a Premium Bios flashed? 

It's a P5E3 Premium. Voltage is only at 1.7V since I couldn't get more clock with more voltage, but I think the limiting factor is currently me since 775 is still new to me. Doubt the board is at it fsb limit for 32M though.


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13 minutes ago, macsbeach98 said:

Nice you have got 2 of them.☺️

Nope not really, both technically work but one of them randomly killed 2 sticks of 2000c7 Hypers on startup at stock settings last weekend so its going back to the seller. Not gonna use a cursed board even if it can do 1040 6-7-5 and 657 valid on air :( 

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1 hour ago, Mythical tech said:

Nice Job. What are the specs of the cascade and the ss?

The Cascade is T.Rex's Cascade and from what I've seen it can do -90 to -95 on Core 2 Duos no matter the voltage and -93 for single core high leakage Nehalem/-78 multicore. The SS is a little Devil unit (also T.Rex's) I believe and it does about -30 on the NB. Glad to know someone who's benching gear I can use while visiting for a benchweekend :D 

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