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FS: "Golden" X4 965 and 5800K's


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Bought these from Pepinorang when he quit. never ran them, rather someone else enjoy. If they dont perform as stated I will refund you in full. 

X4 965 " Ex-WR CPU, 6.9G Ln2, Retail" $75 shipped USA

5800K " Ex-WR CPU, 7.08G LN2 1M, Retail" (not sure which is the good one so you get both) $75 shipped USA

$125 shipped for both USA



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Not to spoil the fun, but that 6.9 is cpuz valid AFAIK ?.

Which for "today's standards" is not that good. Most of the later Deneb CPUs can do 7+ valid, I think. A bold statement, since I haven't tested many, but the process was mature enough.

You have a better chance hitting 7+ with one of the newer C3's out there (the 3-letter ones). You can get 3 pieces for that price from China with new steppings.


PS: Still a good CPU, would be useful for CCup, I guess.

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