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Broken APEX49

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Place wprime.exe on desktop. Then copy it on 2-3 partitions, like C, D and so on. From my testing years ago, 3 different exe's are enough. Rename each one to wprime2.exe, wprime3.exe etc and send shortcuts to desktop to make your life easier. Have Awardfabrik tweaker or any other similar program running so that each time you open either of the exe's all instances of wprime are in real time priority. Run several times the desktop one until you see no more improvements. Close it and open the exe you have in C or D for example. Run several times until you get each best run. Continue doing the same process by using different exe's until eventually you'll get the best run with the most performing wprime.exe 

Zafiropo has a video showing the tweak in action without using the awardfabrik tweaker. We were running a Sandy Bridge 4500MHz challenge back in summer 2011 and none of us were able to do less than 6.702sec in wprime32m. In the end he posted a 6.671sec run and won the whole thing :D 



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