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B550 Unify-X Bios and Tools

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On 5/3/2022 at 8:06 PM, Sparky's__Adventure said:

Unsure, try BCLK

Hi Sparky,

can you recommend a BIOS for the unify-x that works best for RAM and FCLK overclocking? I am on the very first A04! and it works very well up to FCLK 1900. Is it worth to flash the A05O1 to get higher FCLK/RAM overclocking? or is there another better BIOS that works best for that?

my actual settings that work:



thank you in advance 

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2 hours ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

Supposedly, Windows 7 can work, though the situations where it would be relevant are limited. I have heard reports of Zen 1 working, but I have not tested it myself.

Don't underestimate how autistic some people (like yours truly here!) can be about Windows 7.

t. 5950X/C8DH/6900 XT under Win7

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On 8/6/2022 at 6:31 PM, Wasmachineman_NL said:

Is the B550 Unify-X compatible with Ryzen 1000 and 2000 CPUs?

Speaking of compatibility, what about Windows 7?



So apparently it should support Zen/+. Cool. Win7 support is still up in the air though.

I managed to boot a 1300X on my B550 Unify-X, it worked fine.

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On 6/30/2022 at 5:41 PM, Sparky's__Adventure said:

@unifyx I would personally recommend A05O1, yes. That one is my personal favorite for OC. Newer ones may be better for FCLK, though.

do you know, which DRAM voltages are for what? 

would be nice to know, if it helps to tweak them to get more sharp timings or gdm off 1T to work.


thanks for your help ☺️


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26 minutes ago, unityofsaints said:

@Sparky's__Adventurethe Command Center Light linked above is bugged for multi control, I can only set BCLK and Vcore.

That old CCL does not support Cezanne. IIRC Vermeer too (correct me if I'm wrong). But it worked perfectly with Zen2 chips. Including per-core OC. 



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