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B550 Unify-X Bios and Tools

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Doesn't seem to make a difference for me.

/ RANT mode on

VTT still doesn't work, anything set manually gets ignored. Or so it seems.

4133/20166 still works at low DRAM voltage, but restarts with higher (I suspect it's the CPU to blame, don't have a spare one).

Still WHEA even at 3933.

Do these "MemTry It" presets do anything except setting main timings and voltage? They seem to be pointless to me, if that's the only function (in addition to pre-selecting correct DRAM and IF multipliers).

I also miss the "Safe boot/MemOK" buttons from Asus. When settings are really wrong, the mem oc recovery mechanism doesn't work and I have to clear cmos.

Overall, it doesn't seem faster than my previous board (Asrock B350 K4 flashed to B450 Pro4), just manages more stable voltages and one step on the mem multi up.


PS: On a positive note, it might be faster in Pi 32M, but will have to test more.

Edit: I've tried very low VTT (0.3V with VDIMM 2v) and it didn't POST, so it probably works.

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So if you don't want to install the MSI bloatware...

Seems Dragon Center is EOL

The new MSI Center does nothing...

I look at the MSI tools on Intel, and it's like well damn...

I mean Asrock has better software for doing in OS overclocking controls... Asrock...

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