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Meeting the Shrimps (pics and vids)


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On Saturday 12th March 2011, a bunch of amateur overclockers gathered to share their biggest passion. This team of Belgian (and one Dutch) overclockers are called the 'Madshrimps'.


This weekend, the Madshrimps were mainly focussing on the Sandy Bridge CPUs provided by the local shop Tones as well as a bunch of old-school graphics cards to attack the rankings at HWBOT. We succeeded.


The video is a first attempt at showing how Belgian (and one Dutch) overclockers meet and waste liquid nitrogen. Many more will follow ...




- Gamer

- Leeghoofd

- Massman

- Oldscarface

- Pt1t




Leeghoofd's house




Too much to name, also too much providers to thank separately. One I'd like to thank explicitly, though: TONES!




th__MG_4002.jpg th__MG_4001.jpg th__MG_4000.jpg th__MG_3999.jpg


th__MG_3998.jpg th__MG_3997.jpg th__MG_3996.jpg th__MG_3995.jpg


th__MG_3994.jpg th__MG_3993.jpg th__MG_3992.jpg th__MG_3991.jpg


th__MG_3990.jpg th__MG_3989.jpg th__MG_3988.jpg th__MG_3987.jpg






(first time ever I try to edit a movie - lmk if it's ok :P )





Think there are some more videos ... I'll check the laptop.




So ... much ... damn ... results ...


The guys will post their results here as well. I still have lots left on the HDD, so will update later.



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