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Your personal eff - benchmarks total of what u submit ^^


Your quote of benchmarks you submit to hwbot:  

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  1. 1. Your quote of benchmarks you submit to hwbot:

    • 1/10
    • 1/25
    • 1/50
    • 1/100
    • 1/200+

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Yo there,


had some beers, so I'll try to make it short and clear. there is an uncounted numbers of benches we waste our lifes with - screens that nobody will see mostly...just like this one - finally testing some 01 after cebit but not really happy on asus with it :( need ud4 or evga but have to move over the summer - expect me back with sandy-e :cool::)






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If you mean what fraction of saved screenshots that get published, I'd say ~50% here ^^


wow that's a good rate ^^


Ran like 20-30 benches (01,03,05,06) yesterday but no score which made me happy :P


does the pre-testing on safe/default clocks count as well?

CPU / VGA differ a lot too


I would rule out the pretesting on air/safe clocks else there really would have been needed 1/300 or 1/500+ I guess ;)


Now I'm lucky if the motherboard turns on...


Sometimes there are weeks everything seems to suck but your not alone with it ;)

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Thats a small hand bro, but theres a hand print on my monitor now :D:D




Sorry, I already accepted the high-five. You're too slow, Kenny!


LOL I can imagine you smashing your hand onto the monitor, almost pushing it off the desk while screaming "FIRST!"....then calming down, realizing how stupid that must have looked totlach.gif

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