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Weird SuperPI calculation

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The end result doesn't seem bugged; completely in line with what we'd expect from that frequency. Score is also 2y old, so there are more reasons not to block than to block the score.


The bugged loops could be caused by instability or even VGA problems ...

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I dissagree - the result should be removed, it's not our fault the result got away with it for two years. The best comparison is always given by the Loop 10 (roughly half of the run) which is way off on this calculation.


But I will respect hwbot's decision and not cause more coup d'etat :)

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Oh, wait ... now I see the problem. It's not a few bugged loops, but the end time is too fast if you compare it to the other loop results. At loop 10, he's already 1 second behind you whereas in loop 15 he's one second ahead.


Blocking the result may indeed be more appropriate given the large variations in loop time.

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