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I did not see a "about hwbot" forum


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Hey guys, im not an active member of the community. Either Benchmark or forum wise.


there is a reason for that, but first I want to point something out.


I love what you guys are doing here, giving us n00bs and pros a place to compare scores and doing all you can in regrads to validation and such


So thank you for your efforts in that.


The down side...


I gave up on hwbot, the site does not even work 90% of the time.


Submissions seems to work, but loading anything from the main site just leads to a circle 0 most of the time. some links directly to something, works fine, anything from teh homepage, you click, its willy nilly if it works or not, and if someone posts a user profile, dont try and click anything like top submissions or whatever. Have not seen it work yet.


The site is unusable since rev4. Was barely usable before that, main reason I come here is to compare my scores vs others. And it fails at that now


So, how can I help?


Help me help you. What do I need to do to report failures. I would say institute a report feature for when things do not work, but considering most of the failures are click related, I think that would just be another fail point. Direct links work.. links on your own site do not.


So anyway I can help, let me know, I will try.

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LOL I am blind :)


thanks for the links Massman +1 cookie for you.





Nope was using IE9 and opera 11.5 something.


Site works great when someone directly links, but opening up a user profile for example when I click on their stuff nothing happens.


I understand if the server goes down at nights for maintenance or something, late night is usually when I have the most trouble.


Next time I come across something specific I will use the links massman posted. thanks guys!

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We've worked through the night to improve speed and stability of rev 4.3, and installed it this morning at 5AM GMT. HWBOT loads about twice as fast now according to google analytics. Hope this partially solves your problems!


Good work, running great here.



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Yeah, its a new install not sure why its doing that. Assuming also its a screw up on my end. working great in Opera now though with no issues since the update.


I primarily use Opera anyway, so next reinstall I will try IE again. (or just update to 9 and try that)


EDIT: Works fine in 9 too. Musta been a wierd glitch on my latest install.

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