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What happens when you buy MSI

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So, last night, I was out running some errands, and stopped at an e-tailer that sells games, DVD's, computer hardware and home electronics. The original plan was to pick up my new point-and-shoot crap camera I bought for ~55€, just for fun. Once there I saw that they had a Z68A-GD80 open box in stock, so I figured I'd buy that as well... Happy I did. Below is what greeted me when I got home (also, the first picture with my new camera, turned out okay):




I noticed that there was a stock cooler mounted on it when opening the box, so I removed the cooler... :D

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Open box customer return?


Of course, anyone dumb enough to leave their CPU in a board for return deserves limited sympathy, but at the same time.....


Not sure whether it was a return or a board back from RMA that the store had tested, and frankly, I couldn't care less.


Gotta test it later on, don't have a good cooler at the moment though. Maybe I should buy another open box mobo and see if someone's left an H100 on it or something. :D

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